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Whatever Happened To ODR Skis After Shark Tank?

Never let it be said that "Shark Tank" entrepreneurs lack radical inventiveness. Case in point: Kevin Greco's ODR Skis. Greco approached the Sharks during Season 12's holiday episode, hoping to score some funding to aid the company's expansion into the American market. Did it break through the skiing industry? The development of a unique boot that can skate across the snow. The best part? This boot requires no additional equipment, and it is easy to maintain and transport.

Greco aimed to tempt the Sharks into getting in on the ground floor of a new sport and a different kind of fun, asking for $350,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his company. The Sharks were leery of investing in the product due to its initial low cost of manufacturing, high listed market price, and overall revenue projections: The fact that the company's projected $1.5 million in revenue seemed small compared to the potential billions of profit in the industry. Ultimately, none of the Sharks invested in Greco's product. However, that hasn't deterred ODR Skis.

Appearing on Shark Tank seems to have only made ODR Skis more profitable

ODR Skis was a lucky recipient of the "Shark Tank" effect, with the product selling out after Kevin Greco's appearance on the show. However, supply chain issues prevented the company from restocking until early 2021. Despite this, ODR Skis continues to serve ice-loving adventurers everywhere. According to the company's FAQ section, ODR Skis believes the sport of snow skating has potential in competitive organizations such as the X Games, and could even reach the Olympic level.

The snow-skating boots currently on sale on the company's website are named R-43, and they retail for $649.99 plus shipping. Customers also have the option to buy additional accessories such as boot guards, DynamicWax for maintaining cleanliness, and face masks for warmth. There are even bags available for convenient ski transport.

ODR Skis appears to be prospering as a business, having broadened its scope to include limited rental services. This expansion means that it's now possible to rent the snow-skating boots at various mountain resorts, lodges, and other ski rental locations throughout the United States. Hopefully, Greco will succeed in strengthening ODR Skis for long-term endurance – and who knows, you may see the product in action at the X Games one day, regardless of the lack of "Shark Tank" investment.