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Bird Box: Barcelona First Trailer Gives Us More Monsters To Fear

Netflix puts out a lot of content, so it's easy for some releases to get lost in the shuffle and forgotten about the following week. That wasn't the case with "Bird Box," though, as the horror-thriller was a cultural phenomenon for a minute back in 2018. In addition to being the streaming service's most streamed release at the time, the film inspired people to blindfold themselves and perform daily tasks — similar to the characters in the film. It was only a matter of time until Netflix capitalized on that success, ultimately paving the way for a spin-off in the form of "Bird Box: Barcelona."

Similar to the first movie, "Bird Box: Barcelona" follows a group of people wearing blindfolds as they try to survive a monster-ridden, post-apocalyptic hellscape. This time, though, the story takes place in Spain and follows a new group of characters, portrayed by a cast that includes Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell, and many more. 

With the film set to drop on the platform next month, Netflix has released a brand-new trailer for the movie. The footage teases more monster mayhem as well as horrors of the human variety, and it's bound to impress fans of intense scare fare.

Humans are also monstrous in Bird Box: Barcelona

The best horror sequels boast the core hallmarks of their predecessors while bringing fresh ideas to the table. At first, "Bird Box: Barcelona" looks like just another story about people wandering around blindfolded and trying to survive. However, the monsters aren't the only things to fear this time around, as the creatures appear to have inspired people to do their bidding.

In the trailer, one of the protagonists reveals that men roam the streets without blindfolds. The group is led by Padre Esteban (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a fanatic who promises spectacular sights to those who gaze upon the creatures. That said, he can't be trusted, as another scene shows people jumping onto the tracks in a subway station, presumably because they've had the misfortune of seeing the monsters and succumbing to their horrors.

"Bird Box: Barcelona" promises all of the things people enjoyed about the original film and so much more. Furthermore, viewers will be able to witness the carnage unfold when the film arrives on Netflix on July 14, 2023.