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Endeavour: How Many Episodes Are In The 9th And Final Season?

Season 9 of the British drama "Endeavor," the prequel to the fan-favorite crime series "Inspector Morse," serves as the final outing for the popular detective's origin story. The last chapter of the show, created and written by Russell Lewis, didn't hold back before it turned in its badge and gun for good. Widespread theft and destruction, missing persons, and homicides are all on the agenda for Endeavor Morse in the 9th season, which consists of three episodes, like the two seasons that came before it. 

It's not easy to close out a beloved series after so many years, and if people wonder how well the "Endeavor" saga fared in bringing things to a satisfying conclusion, The Economic Times claimed, "The finale brings a fitting end to the series, tying up loose ends and providing closure to its characters." And according to Rotten Tomatoes, critics and audiences alike think Season 9 was a smashing success. 

While some fans are probably sad to see the show come to an end, certain major players involved in the long-running detective drama have an intriguing take on why the timing for "Endeavor" to make an exit from the small screen couldn't have been better. 

Endeavor ended because it caught up to its predecessor

"Endeavor" takes place before the events depicted in the series "Inspector Morse," which first aired in 1987, which meant the prequel was always on a path that would eventually connect the two chapters. So when cultivating the conclusion, Russell Lewis was adamant about closing the gap while maintaining a respectful distance from the original series. According to Hello Magazine, the show's creator and writer told Mirror, "I'll do it for as long as they want me to, but I do know how it ends. We wouldn't want to get to the point where you can see the join. I think we'll bow out long before that."

Some people involved also thought it was important for the show not to overstay its welcome, like Shaun Evans, who played Morse in "Endeavor." "This is our story, and we shouldn't be staying at the party too long. It's difficult because it's like planning your own funeral," the actor told Radio Times in an interview, according to a report from Hello Magazine. "I want to make sure that everybody feels, within reason, that we've finished it in a satisfying way."

Even though it may not go down as one of the best crime shows of all time, there is no denying that "Endeavor" impacted its audience, setting up a binge-worthy origin for John Thaw's iconic run as Inspector Morse.