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Marvel Artist And Colorist Marie Severin Dies At 89

Marie Severin, longtime Marvel Comics artist and colorist, has died, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. She was 89 years old. 

Severin's close friend and former Marvel colorist and editorial assistant Irene Vartanoff first announced Severin's passing on Thursday, August 30. Vartanoff shared to her Facebook account a photo of herself with Severin, who is seen pulling a goofy face and holding two fingers behind Vartanoff's head.

"I'm very sorry to report that Marie Severin, the funniest and nicest woman in the comic book biz ever, is no more," wrote Vartanoff. "Here's a pic from happier days only a few years ago. I would have cropped myself out of this photo, but notice where Marie's left hand is. Incorrigible! Love you, Marie."

Severin got her start in the comic book world in the 1940s when she began working for EC Comics alongside her brother, the late comic artist John Severin. After the introduction of the Comics Code Authority and the shuttering of EC Comics' comic book arm of production, Severin spent some time at Atlas Comics and worked for the Federal Reserve before landing a job as a colorist and production and paste-up artist at Marvel Comics. 

Severin served as Marvel Comics' head colorist until 1972, when she turned her attention to penciling and inking projects. Prior to her departure, Severin designed the first costume for Spider-Woman, worked on Marvel's Not Brand Echh, and collaborated with Marvel legend Stan Lee to create the character the Living Tribunal in Strange Tales #157. 

Focusing on penciling work, Severin drew covers, interiors, and stories for comic runs including Conan the Barbarian, The Cat, Daredevil, Iron Man, and Kull the Conquerer

In 1974, Severin earned the Best Humor Penciler Shazam Award. She also scored the Inkpot Award at San Diego Comic-Con in 1988, and was inducted into the Will Eisner Comics Hall of Fame in 2001.

Our thoughts are with Severin's loved ones during this time of mourning.