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Whatever Happened To Bravo After Shark Tank?

For those who have ever wanted to tip a valet or street performer, only to realize they had no cash on them, Maria del Carmen Luna and Hector Rodriguez-Luna invented the ideal app. As seen on "Shark Tank" Season 9, Episode 9, Bravo allows users to electronically tip these workers and artists for a job well done. After some bargaining, this husband-wife duo accepted a joint offer from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner (who is the shark least likely to close a deal) of $150,000 for 10% equity, and 2% advisory shares each.

It's been several years since the couple's "Shark Tank" appearance, so with that in mind, is Bravo still in business? The app is still available for download but has since rebranded to FAMIGO, with a stronger emphasis on content creators and their followings. According to a press release, "FAMIGO's content creation platform provides independent artists full control of their brands by offering the same powerful suite capabilities services that other platforms reserve for mega stars."

Fans can access content from favorite musicians, podcasters, and more for free, via a subscription, or a single purchase. Del Carmen Luna said in the release, "Artists love FAMIGO's easy-to-use private site and simple fee structure that has leveled the playing field for creators who don't have the clout of mega stars or relationships with the big talent agencies," she continued.

FAMIGO boasts mixed user reviews

In a November 2021 interview with Al Día News, Maria del Carmen Luna revealed that, at the time, FAMIGO boasted 300,000 fans and 3,000 content creators. She also shared some future plans for the app, such as NFTs, live streams, and a texting component. It's unclear whether or not these additions have been implemented, but one thing is certain — user reviews for FAMIGO are mixed.

Some reviewers thoroughly enjoy the app, including one who, back when it was still Bravo, gushed about utilizing it to tip their valet, musicians, and yoga instructor: "It's just seamless and super secured," they wrote. Yet some don't find it very appealing and don't feel the app is as user-friendly as del Carmen Luna claims. One reviewer said, "I pay for a subscription that I can't even use. The app won't load my feed. I've tried multiple devices, I've also tried browsers. Won't let me log in and I know my password is correct."

Additionally, it seems that Mark Cuban, at least, is no longer involved with FAMIGO. A quick scroll through MarkCubanCompanies.com shows that neither Bravo nor FAMIGO is featured.