Victoria Justice's Was Shocked To Hear About Victorious' Cancelation

From the one-woman show of Trina Vega (Daniella Monet) to Christmas yodeling with Mr. Sikowitz (Eric Lange), Nickelodeon's "Victorious" graced audiences with countless iconic moments from 2010-2013. However, after three seasons, the happenings of Hollywood Arts came to an abrupt halt when creator Dan Schneider announced the show's cancellation on social media.

According to "Victorious" star Victoria Justice, who portrayed Tori Vega, this news came as quite a surprise. She told Collider in 2021, "I thought that show was for sure going another season. There was no doubt in my mind we were gonna go another season. So I was honestly just as shocked as everyone else."

The cancellation was especially shocking given the lack of a proper finale. The last episode ("Victori-Yes") ends with Tori, Trina and Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) running away from giant mice on the set of "Divertisimo," on which Trina is starring. Justice said, "Of course I would have loved for our show to have an epic finale because I think that it did deserve that and I think it would have been so epic and really, really fun. But life goes on..."

The cast of Victorious still remembers the show fondly

Life has certainly gone on for Victoria Justice, who appears in a slew of post-"Victorious" projects, including the romantic drama "Trust" and the psychological thriller "The Tutor." Yet through it all, she can't help but imagine what Tori Vega would be up to these days. Justice told Entertainment Tonight in 2021, "I feel like she would be a really successful songwriter and maybe still singing too. But I'd love to see her in kind of like a Julia Michaels vibe. I would love that for her."

At the time of this writing, a "Victorious" reboot showcasing what Tori and friends are up to in adulthood isn't in development. However, Justice and her former co-stars aren't saying never, especially with "iCarly" and "Zoey 101" seeing new life on Paramount Plus.

Justice said in the interview with ET, " never know what's going to happen in the future." Elizabeth Gillies shared on the "Zach Sang Show" that she'd immediately clear her schedule to film fresh "Victorious" content. Additionally, in response to a 2017 tweet by Ariana Grande that called for a proper finale, "Victorious" cast members expressed resounding support of the idea.