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Here's How You Can Watch Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 6

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Fans of Tyler Perry are well aware that he's much more than his "Madea" universe. Aside from his comedic stage plays, the multi-hyphenate is a producer and creator of multiple romantic dramedies, and "Sistas" is one of his most successful outings in this genre. The show chronicles the lives of five close friends who share an unbreakable bond — even as the world around them tries to drive them over the edge. Over the years, lawyer Andi Barnes (KJ Smith), salon owner Karen Mott (Ebony Obsidian), airline supervisor Danni King (Mignon Von), banker Sabrina Hollins (Novi Brown), and Andi's assistant Fatima Wilson (Crystal Renee Hayslett) have endured a lot, from extramarital affairs to job strife to inter-friendship conflict. Fortunately, their shared lives do a lot to smooth out those rough patches.

If you've been trying to figure out how to track the show's recently-debuted 6th season, look no further. BET+ subscribers get the episodes the day after they air on the network; trial subscribers get a week of the service for free, then must pay $9.99 per month. Those who have an account with the service may also watch BET+ programming through The Roku Channel. If you already have a cable, satellite, or streaming subscription, you can watch the show on BET's official website. Streaming services such as Fubo, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu, and Philo also offer the program and carry BET both over the air and via their On Demand service. And if you want to sample some episodes on a trial basis, you're in luck.

Fans can also buy individual episodes digitally

If you're looking to sample "Tyler Perry's Sistas" on an episode-by-episode basis instead of subscribing to a streaming service, there are several ways to try the show out. YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV +, Vudu, and Prime Video each offer individual episodes of "Sistas" for $1.99 in standard definition and $2.99 in high definition. If you want to own entire seasons of the show digitally, you can buy them each for $19.99 in standard definition and $24.99 in HD.

Whether you're cautiously dipping your toe into the series' swirl of drama and romance or if you're well-versed in the foibles and virtues of these ladies, there's bound to be lots of fun to be had no matter which way you choose to view this Tyler Perry-created slice of goodness. With six seasons to choose from, there are many episodes to watch while you catch up on "Sistas." These are episodes that will provoke laughs and tears, emotions that ought to be shared over a snack with some chums of your own.