Gal Gadot Goes Hard In The First Trailer For Netflix's Heart Of Stone

Netflix has debuted the first trailer for Gal Gadot's "Heart of Stone." 

She's Wonder Woman. And she's filled the Nile with tons of champagne. Now, Gadot is headlining her very own spy thriller in "Heart of Stone," Netflix's next hopeful franchise. Directed by Tom Harper, the globe-trotting adventure sees Gadot taking on the role of Rachel Stone, a secret agent tasked with retrieving a mysterious device known as "The Heart." For Gadot, "Heart of Stone"  is one of the most important films of her career. "I think Wonder Woman was the thing that really gave me the confidence that it's OK to go dream and produce a movie that is a female-driven action film – a thriller – for everyone to enjoy," she told Total Film magazine. 

Joining Gadot on her race against the clock mission is "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Jamie Dornan and Bollywood star Alia Bhatt, who makes her English-language debut with the thriller. The trio were on hand at Netflix's fan event Tudum, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil to debut the first action-packed look at the thriller.

Gal Gadot has found her next franchise with Heart of Stone

The first trailer for "Heart of Stone" is exactly what audiences want from an action flick. Filled with pulse-pounding action, intricate setpieces, and an interesting villain, "Heart of Stone" has what it takes to be one of Netflix's biggest hits. The trailer starts off with shots of Gal Gadot's Rachel Stone enjoying her life, both as a spy and civilian. Working with an organization known as The Charter, Stone is touted as one of the world's most elite agents. As the first look at the flick continues, viewers are greeted with some of the film's most interesting locations, including Italy and Portugal, as well as snow-capped mountains filled with nefarious folk.

On a mission near a ski resort, Gadot jumps down a mountain to save the day in what looks like "Heart of Stone's" most exciting sequence. Shots of Stone reveling in camaraderie are cut short as viewers see "The Heart," a computer chip that has the ability to crash financial markets or drop planes out of the sky. This device powers The Charter... and it's been stolen by Alia Bhatt's Keya Dhawan. This diabolical role is certainly a departure for Bhatt, who most recently headlined the Oscar-winning "RRR." 

Compromised and lacking the resources of the organization that backs her, Stone has no choice but to stop Dhawan from using "The Heart." The rest of the trailer shows Gadot being a total badass; participating in high-speed chases, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, and skydiving with a wingsuit — typical spy stuff. 

"Heart of Stone" hits Netflix on August 11.