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Madam Satan: Hell On Earth Spotlights Classic Archie Horror

Contains spoilers for "Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth" #1

The classic Archie Comics character Madam Satan is taking the spotlight in a new one-shot that brings the villain to Baxter High. In "Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth" #1, Madam Satan will try her best to escape the fiery path of Lucifer, finding a hideout where she will encounter another mysterious, powerful character. Madam Satan will try her best to work together with her new ally in taking down Satan and stopping him from destroying the mortal plane. 

The 32-page adventure focuses on Madam Satan's escape from Hell, putting her against the forces she once worked alongside. For fans of the classic comic book character, Madam Satan's more recent adventures in the "Chilling Adventures of Sorcery," her live-action debut in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," and her appearances throughout the Archie Comics world, "Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth" the new one-shot will spotlight one of its oldest characters in the frightening new story. Check out the accompanying text for "Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth."

After Madam Satan waged war on Baxter High, Hell descended upon earth, and even she isn't safe. Madam Satan seeks refuge from the forces of Lucifer in a random suburban home... and who she meets there is surprising. But is this powerful person a friend or foe? And can the two of them work together to summon Eldritch Terrors and stop Satan's rampage?

Who is Madam Satan?

Madam Satan debuted "Pep Comics," the same comic series Archie Andrews and many of his fellow iconic Archie Comics characters first appeared in. Madam Satan's first appearance in "Pep Comics" #16 directly preceded Archie's debut, with her story running in five issues before being canceled and replaced by his adventures in Riverdale.

Madam Satan's first stories were of the horror genre. In the 80-plus-year-old story, Iola (initially named Tyra) was a mortal who murdered her fiancé's parents when they disapproved of her marrying their son. After poisoning them, she tried to make her partner believe that they died in a car accident. The cover-up wasn't successful, with Iola's fiancé discovering his parents and learning the truth about their murder. As a result, he murdered Iola, sending her spirit to Hell. Satan immediately took an interest in Iola, declaring her his new mate, Madam Satan. Iola agreed to serve and obey Satan. In her new role, she agreed to return to the mortal world to seduce and murder men, sending their souls back to the devil.

Madam Satan made her modern comic book debut for Archie Comics in the "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," where she received a new origin connected to Sabrina's father, Edward Spellman. She killed herself after learning Edward was with someone else and was imprisoned in Hell until she was accidentally freed. Returning to Greendale, she murdered Edward (who would later be resurrected) and set her sights on Sabrina. Madam Satan would pretend to be a high school teacher at Baxter High to bring her closer to the Spellmans. Michelle Gomez portrayed Madam Satan in the two seasons of Netflix's "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" television series, which adapted the comic of the same name.

Madam Satan Returns in a new one-shot

The "Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth" one-shot by Eliot Rahal, Vincenzo Federici, Ellie Wright, and Jack Morelli from Archie Comics continues Madam Satan's time in Greendale. However, she will be fighting off Lucifer and his forces, who look to turn the mortal realm into a horrifying nightmare. Rahal, who wrote "Chilling Adventures in Sorcery" starring Madam Satan, revealed he was excited to get a chance to tackle the character again, joking he couldn't believe they kept letting him do this.

"When Archie asked me to write Madam Satan a few years ago I never imagined I'd get to work with the character for so long and over so much time. And the fact that I can return to her story with Vincenzo's incredible visuals and Ellie's brilliant colors is such a gift. I'm so grateful. Really, the only choice for me this time around was for me to let go and have fun. I hope everyone who reads it does, as well."

Federici, who drew "Chilling Adventures in Sorcery," expressed enthusiasm about showing off Madam Satan's unique designs. He revealed that it was an easy decision to come back to the world of Madam Satan and tell the next chapter of her story.

"With Madam Satan I can try new things on my page layouts and art style, so I'm always happy to be on this. I especially like to draw her in her horned form, too, because of the great character design," he said. "It's amazing to have the opportunity to continue the story we worked on for the last two years and give her some good action moments. Eliot's script is super funny and I'm lucky to work with him!"

Madam Satan's new comic will be filled with horror

Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rontante shared that the new Madam Satan isn't the end of her story while adding the art inside more than makes the "Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth" title live up to its name. So, for those hoping to see the world of "Chilling Adventures" continue with a horror-filled, Hellish affair, you are in luck. 

"We're so excited to return to the world of Madam Satan. Starting way back in her 2020 one-shot and continuing throughout the past two years' CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SORCERY releases, Eliot has been weaving this beautiful and tragic narrative about the titular character's journey through hell and back to earth," Rontante said in a statement. "This chapter allows it to take a new turn: Madam Satan is back in Greendale, and it seems that Hell has followed her there. This one-shot is filled with twists and turns both heart-wrenching and horrifying. But trust us, this isn't the end of her story. Vincenzo's hauntingly gorgeous art amplifies all of the emotion within, while also punching you in the face with graphic and frightening images."

"Chilling Adventures Presents... Madam Satan: Hell on Earth" #1 from Archie Comics features main cover art from Vincenzo Federici and a variant cover from Soo Lee. The one-shot arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on September 20, 2023.