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Sofia Hublitz Thinks Ozark's Ending Was Perfect - But She Wanted Something Different Initially

In 2022, fans of "Ozark" expected the rise of the Byrdes to come to an end no matter how brutal. Instead, their fate seemed almost worse as they silenced one more person that got too close, certifying they'd never make an easy flight out of the trouble they were bound to. Grouped in with this fate worse than death was the eldest Byrde child, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz). Corrupted just as much as her brother Noah (Skylar Gaertner) by the family business, she had the potential to get out but was left as entangled as all the rest, and it's an ending that Hublitz struggled to accept.

Speaking to Today, the star that brought the Byrde's darling daughter to life always had hopes that they'd go with the original plan set out by Wendy (Laura Linney) and head off to Australia. The alternative route was good enough, though, no matter how chilling. 

"They win in the end, but the cycle continues. It's just one more body for them. Hopefully, it's the last one, but you don't know that," Hublitz said. "It leaves the door open for what's going to happen next." What's going to happen is anyone's guess since following the series finale, talk sparked regarding an "Ozark" spin-off. As far as Hublitz is concerned, though, she's happy to leave Charlotte at the Byrde household permanently.

Hublitz still sees Charlotte in the family business after Ozark

As far as fans know, the Byrdes are never getting out of the criminal underworld they've buried themselves in, and this fate felt sealed by a deafening gunshot in the show's final moments. It's something Sofia Hublitz accepts regarding the murky future endeavors the family will get into after the series finale. Theorizing the future of her character, Hublitz admits there doesn't seem much hope for Charlotte.

"She either goes to college and gets some sort of corporate finance job and stays aligned with the family business or she moves to Bushwick with 25 other roommates and works at a coffee shop until she's 35." Much like the various disappearances in the Ozarks, details are still scarce on if fans will ever head back to that world, but Hublitz is happy not to make the return trip. 

"I think how Chris Mundy chose to end ['Ozark'] was beautiful and perfect," Hublitz said, "and that shouldn't be messed with. I think it should live there in that space forever."