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Beef: Steven Yeun Breaks Down Danny's Tear-Jerking Church Scene

In "Beef, Steven Yeun taps into a deep well of anger as the rage-filled driver Danny Cho. Netflix viewers agree series is the perfect binge-worthy watch that showcases Yeun's multifaceted portrayal alongside his talented co-star Ali Wong. However, as the series progresses, we learn there's actually a profound sadness in his character and his journey to overcome economic setbacks. In one scene, Danny breaks down in tears but we never learn the reason why, though Yeun has some illuminating insights on the moment.

After the insanity of his intense string of incidents with Amy (Wong), Danny finds himself at church searching for something he desperately needs but can't identify. He's overcome with emotion and unable to control himself as he sobs during the service. Initially, the sequence was challenging for Yeun to get into as he couldn't find the emotional core for Danny to authentically cry on queue. But director Jake Schreier praised Yeun's commitment to the role in spite of the obstacle. "That is the thing about Steven ... he will not give you a false moment," he told IndieWire. "He wasn't going to force it."

Yeun sought guidance from "Beef" creator Lee Sung Jin, who helped highlight the importance of grace and forgiveness for Danny, especially in this scene and setting. He revealed the inspiring exchange between them that ultimately helped him. "Sonny [Sung] was a place I could go to like 'Yeah...that's shameful, right?'" Yeun recalled. "Sonny and I, when we would talk, Danny would be left in judgment. And then when you and I would talk, there was a grace that you allowed Danny that also allowed me to recalibrate and just trust in the process of it all." That perspective led to his awe-inspiring performance with further help from his director.

Steven Yeun found grace and connection extremely important in understanding Danny

"Beef" kicks off with Danny at his absolute lowest point, though the series is clever in the way it reveals itself. He's drifting apart from his brother and becoming even farther from his dream of building a house for his parents. The increasing stress of these factors leads to an underlying depression in his character that causes him to continually attempt suicide. While we don't know it at the time, this is our first introduction to his character when he tries to return items vital to his attempt in a comedic, yet devastating scene.

Danny's isolation also helped propel his heated exchange with Amy. However, when he goes to church and is surrounded by comforting hands, he loses himself in the moment. The lack of judgment felt by his fellow members of the congress is precisely what led to the beautiful sequence, as Yeun shared more with IndieWire.

He dived into Danny's mindset during the scene, "What does it mean to give real grace?" Yeun continued. "Is it to take away everything and go like 'It's all about you, we're here for you' — because somehow that didn't lead to the truth. When we just made it true and there was no judgment, when everybody else started singing, then I just started sobbing. That's what this moment is for Danny; it's not a moment of isolation, it's a moment of deep connection." Yeun's passion is both impressive and admirable, especially considering that the part also made him break out in hives during the filming process. 

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ by dialing 988 or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.