Twitter Isn't Holding Back On Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts

For nearly as long as Transformers have occupied toy aisles around the world, they've called cinemas their second home. From the 1986 animated feature titled "The Transformers: The Movie" to director Michael Bay's live-action films from the 2000s into the 2010s, generations have flocked to theaters to watch the honorable Autobots and the villainous Decepticons do battle in space, on Earth, and everywhere in-between. After some years away from the big screen, the robots in disguise are back for the action-packed adventure "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" courtesy of director Steven Caple Jr. and Paramount Pictures.

Influenced by the "Transformers: Beast Wars" saga, "Rise of the Beasts" puts the Autobots in the middle of a battle like no other. The dangerous Unicron (Colman Domingo)-serving Terrorcons have arrived on Earth seeking a powerful artifact known as the Transwarp Key. To keep it out of their hands, the Autobots have to join forces with an animalistic faction known as the Maximals as well as a handful of human companions who are swept up in the raging conflict. While that sounds like an entertaining enough blockbuster plot on paper, what's it like in reality?

"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" has kicked off its theatrical run, and those who've already gone to check it out have some strong opinions on what the film has to offer.

Rise of the Beasts is a winner in the eyes of many

As reactions to "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" have begun to pop up all over Twitter, it appears that a great deal of "Transformers" fans were really happy with their latest moviegoing experience.

"Just watched Transformers Rise of the Beasts. THAT. WAS. SO. AWSOME!!!!! Like just so cool, I was smiling like a freaking kid coming out of the cinema," tweeted @That_Artist_99, and @wildatspark is ready to see it hundreds of more times after their first viewing. @UnstableRupture touted the film's fun factor and expressed hope that it's enough for it to do well at the global box office. While they admitted that the writing is a bit lacking and the action is uninspired, @OilyWhisper68 liked "Rise of the Beasts" overall and is more than happy with the movie's character work.

Also giving the feature a positive assessment, @CrumchyBar noted that it's up against some stiff competition in the form of the recently released "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse." Rather than floundering, though, they feel it managed to thrive up against the widely-adored Marvel adaptation. One of the highlights for @FilmLandEmpire is the film's 1990s setting, which is particularly prevalent in the New York City-set first act. They commented, "The opening act in '90s NYC is particularly delightful and the hip-hop soundtrack from that era is fabulous!"

Some aspects of Rise of the Beasts keep it from being a unanimous fan favorite

As countless "Transformers" fans rushed to Twitter to express their adoration for "Rise of the Beasts," others were quick to spotlight some of the film's more disappointing elements, of which there are a few.

One of the movie's issues was raised by @Nightwing593, who feels that the cast of human characters doesn't do much to elevate the story — a problem they believe has persisted throughout the live-action "Transformers" movies. @CourtneyMovies shared in their tweet that even though "Rise of the Beasts" tries some new things, from their perspective, it does far too many of the things that happen in every other "Transformers" movie. "Sky beams, fakeouts, and trying to build a cinematic universe. It's a mixed bag," they wrote.

In that same vein, @Giavotella_170 said of the film's narrative shortcomings, "It could've benefited from previous movie or two. I think there really could've been some big time world building with the Maximals. I think they suffer the most in the movie." One thing that @JediNabber feels "Rise of the Beasts" doesn't have in common with its predecessors is the quality of CGI. To them, even though the technology has come a long way since 2007's "Transformers," the visuals have somehow gotten worse.

You can now make the like Autobots and roll out to your local cinema to see "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts."