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Bling Empire Star Anna Shay Dead At 62

"Bling Empire" star Anna Shay has died.

People was the first to report on the socialite's death. She was 62. A statement obtained by the outlet confirms that Shay died from a stroke. "Anna taught us many life lessons on how not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the finer things. Her impact on our lives will be forever missed but never forgotten," the statement penned by her family reads.

Shay's death comes as a shock for fans across the world who fell in love with her thanks to her consistent appearances on Netflix's "Bling Empire." The reality series follows the lives of prominent and wealthy Asian Americans in Los Angeles. The series debuted in 2021 to critical acclaim, with Vanity Fair praising it for breaking down and moving past established Asian stereotypes. "True representation will only be achieved when all aspects of what it is to be Asian are depicted in the media," wrote Brian NG in a highly positive review.

Since her debut on "Bling Empire," Shay became an immediate fan-favorite, wracking up over half a million followers on Instagram.

Anna Shay was an icon who fans will miss

Anna Shay effortlessly emerged as one of the most unique personalities on "Bling Empire," thanks in part to her old-money mentality. The daughter of Edward Shay, the founder of the defense contracting company Pacific Architects and Engineers, Anna mostly remained out of the spotlight until she became an overnight sensation thanks to "Bling Empire." Despite being extremely wealthy, Shay found it important to ground herself, something she learned from her parents. "How do I ground myself? I think about my parents and all the things that they have taught me in the most indirect way," Shay told Joy Sauce. "It just stays with you. I could tell you stories and stories and stories."

Shay appeared in Seasons 1 through 3 of "Bling Empire." The reality series won't be returning for a Season 4. Following Shay's passing, her "Bling Empire" costar Kelly Mi Li took to Instagram to pay tribute to her friend. "RIP @annashay93," wrote Mi Li, sharing several photos of the two throughout the years. "You are truly one of a kind and we will miss you forever." Several of Shay's fans also took to social media to praise the "Bling Empire" star. "Anna Shay was loaded and owned her eccentricity," wrote Twitter user @TrulyKeels."I appreciated that about her. Her wardrobe is a dream. She was not bothered about fitting in."