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Community Fans Will Have To Wait Even Longer For The Movie, According To Joel McHale

After six seasons, the cult comedy hit series, "Community" finally ended in 2015. But with fans still repeating the mantra of "six seasons and a movie," there was always a bit of hope that we'd one day see an eventual return of the memorable Greendale Community College gang from series creator Dan Harmon. Last year, the reality of the "Community" movie became something that seemed much closer to happening as series stars Joel McHale and Alison Brie began noting in various interviews that there was definitely movement taking place behind the scenes. Eventually, that talk of potential action transformed into the best possible news for fans, as Peacock announced that a "Community" movie was indeed in the works and would be streaming on their platform.

While that certainly raised fan excitement to new intense levels, they now might have to dial it back because of delays. While speaking with TV Insider, McHale finally revealed that shooting was set up to begin. But the 2023 Writers Guild Of America (WGA) Strike forced production plans to stop. This will likely come as a blow to fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming movie. McHale shared his disappointment about the latest delay yet remained firm in supporting the strike. "That was a bummer because we were getting very close to filming," he said. "But at the same time, I'm a thousand billion percent behind the writers. The writers need to be paid." 

In addition, McHale teased that the plot of the "Community" movie should at least be worth the wait.

McHale described the story details as a barnburner

A new obstacle has hit the "Community" movie. Yet, despite the unfortunate news, it could potentially still deliver big for fans when production eventually begins and then wraps up. That's because it has a lot going for it that should calm any other concerns, at least on the creative end. For one, the movie will feature nearly everyone from the original show cast returning, including Donald Glover, who some fans were previously unsure about. The only real exception among the original cast members is Chevy Chase, whose character, Pierce Hawthorne, originally died in the show's 5th season. Plot details have been scarce on the upcoming film, except it takes place after the gang has been apart for quite some time.

The vague plot details probably haven't helped make the wait for the "Community" movie less brutal for fans. However, according to Joel McHale, who is also executive producing the "Community" movie, the plot shouldn't disappoint. After joking about a "Hamlet"-esque death for the study group, McHale told TV Line, "From what I know about it, it's great, it really is. It's going to be a barnburner."