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Chicago Fire: Fans Are Divided Over The Sylvie & Dylan Break-Up

Contains spoilers for "Chicago Fire" Season 11, Episode 22 — "Red Waterfall"

It's natural for season finales to raise the emotional stakes, especially when it comes to network dramas. "Chicago Fire" certainly delivered in that department in a big way, with Sylvie (Kara Killmer) and Dylan (Christopher Allen) breaking up. Sylvie's never had good luck with romance on the show, and things have only grown more complicated as of late with her looking into adopting a child. But it wasn't just the potential adoption that drove a wedge between the two. As Dylan himself said on the show, "I can tell. The way you focused on the baby, we're in different places right now ... The last time Matt was here, you went MIA on me for a while. And even when we were together, you weren't all there. It's pretty obvious you are not over him."

Break-ups are nothing new in the "One Chicago" franchise, and fans are naturally taking sides on who people should feel bad for in this scenario. A surprisingly large contingent of fans is in Dylan's corner, thinking he deserved better than what Sylvie could give. Twitter user @TWDSuperSonsUni explained, "Is it wrong that I'm glad Dylan's breaking things off with Brett? He deserves someone that's not always hot and cold when they ex shows up." @JordyAinsley was also in Dylan's corner: "As much as I love Sylvie she was stringing him along, making decisions without him." But before you feel too bad for Sylvie, she has ample support among fans, too. 

Sylvie may not be single for long

On another side of social media, it's clear plenty of fans believe Sylvie's better off without Dylan. Twitter user @dan_ihh didn't mince words, "Dylan is gone! THANK YOU LORD." @Margab282 was also in Sylvie's corner but at least understood where Dylan was coming from: "Happy that pathetic Dylan finally left, but it would have been better if she broke up with him, although at least by apologizing to Dylan, I accept that he was right, he never got over Matt Casey."

The break-up came at a pretty opportune time. Dylan brought up how Sylvie wasn't over Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), and despite moving to Portland, Casey returned to the Windy City in the Season 11 finale. But his return wasn't just any old guest spot. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Sylvie. It's an overwhelming moment, especially considering everything she went through in the past few episodes. But before she can give an answer, the screen cuts to black, ending Season 11 on a cliffhanger. 

What will her answer be? Everything seems to be coming up roses for her, with her adoption appearing to go through, and it would definitely be helpful to have a partner to help raise a child. And as Dylan mentioned, Sylvie never got over her feelings for Casey, and it's clear he's felt the same way about her all this time. Of course, a relationship would also mean Sylvie would be looking after Andrew Darden's children, whom Casey has been taking care of in Portland. "Chicago Fire" Season 11 ends in an intriguing place, and with the show already getting renewed for Season 12, fans can't wait to see where Sylvie and Casey go next.