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Chicago Fire: Sylvie's Adoption Attempt Had Fans Complaining About Rehashed Storylines

Throughout 11 seasons of "Chicago Fire," audiences have seen a multitude of events that have included marriages, deaths, job upsets, deadly fires, and touching moments. Of course, a show about firefighting will feature many dangerous infernos, though it seems as if a new plot appears to be directly lifted from a previous one, at least in the minds of some fans. This is because Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is attempting to adopt a baby that she recently rescued, which isn't the first time that "Chicago Fire" has put a story about adoption front and center.

Previously, Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) attempted to adopt a child as well, and the entire process seemed to be going well, but at the very last minute, the child's biological father stepped in. This caused a major fracture in Casey and Dawson's relationship, which may happen to Sylvie and Dylan (Christopher Allen). However, the fact that an adoption plot is coming up once again in "Chicago Fire" has not been lost on fans, who have taken to Twitter to let their thoughts be known. One such fan, @BTR_Fantatiny, shared an image of Sylvie putting her hands in front of her face, writing, "I knew Brett was going to say that she wants to adopt her. And reminds me of Gaby and here we go all over again."

Fans can't help but see similarities between Sylvie and Gabby's adoption plots

Others were also of the same sentiment as the above comment, like @beckystellaride, who tweeted, "these writers are sooooo lazy!! the saw that brett has zero character so they just give her gabbys??" @Nathifa33 joked that "Chicago Fire" absolutely loves this particular adoption story, while @ahaharmony45 said that they are instantly reminded of the Gabby and baby story from watching Sylvie attempt something similar. @rarebreedpk was also reminded of Gabby and jovially stated that they think that Sylvie at this point is just a wannabe. @THEmaggiewarren added, "Why do I feel like they're about to pull a Shay-like baby storyline with Sylvie at some point though?"

@the_el_zy sarcastically said that Sylvie adopting a baby doesn't sound familiar at all, which definitely follows a reoccurring trend among many of the comments following this most recent episode. However, at least one fan was willing to defend the current story decisions in "Chicago Fire," as @Jason34686653 tweeted, "The #OneChicago fandom is ridiculous. People need to stop comparing Gabby and Stella and Brett to each other. Same goes for Erin, Kim and Hailey. Dont blame the actors/characters if dont like a storyline, as the EP's and writers are in charge." 

These comments definitely highlight that many fans are getting a distinct feeling of deja vu, and these viewers will surely follow this developing story with a sense of apprehension.