FUBAR: Where Is Luke Brunner's Catchphrase From?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's action vehicles have spoiled fans with many memorable catchphrases throughout the years. From the iconic "I'll be back" line in "The Terminator" to the humorous "stick around" pun in "Predator," his characters always know which words to say in any given situation. However, only time will tell if his catchphrase from "FUBAR" will also stand the test of time.

The action-comedy series is full of humorous dialogue, but there's one recurring line throughout Season 1 that really stands out. "That's it, and that's all," Schwarzenegger's CIA agent, Luke Brunner, says time and time again. There's even an entire episode that's named after the catchphrase, so it's a big deal. Furthermore, the line appears to be an homage to 1987's "Throw Momma from the Train."

In one scene from the 1987 crime comedy, Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito's characters get into a heated argument. Basically, DeVito's character, Owen, talks about murdering the wife of Crystal's Larry. The latter responds to the conversation by saying, "You killed a person. That's it and that's all, I am taking you to the police." But the big question is: why would "FUBAR" want to pay tribute to this particular movie?

FUBAR is full of homages that are significant to Arnold Schwarzenegger's career

"FUBAR" is a love letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger's career and those who've worked with him. The action-comedy series has drawn comparisons to "True Lies" as that movie also sees the Austrian actor play a spy with strong family values. Furthermore, "FUBAR" also features Schwarzenegger's "True Lies" co-star Tom Arnold, so he clearly hasn't forgotten about his old friends.

While Schwarzenegger isn't part of "Throw Momma from the Train," the movie has some significance to his career. For a start, it was directed by and stars his "Twins" co-star Danny DeVito, who's been a friend and frequent collaborator of the "Terminator" star throughout the years. However, the film was also connected to an elaborate prank that Schwarzenegger concocted to fool Sylvester Stallone back in the day.

As documented by Slash Film, Schwarzenegger was offered a role in "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot" which ultimately went to Stallone. The Austrian actor turned it down because he hated the script, but he led Sly to believe that he was interested, and this prompted the "Rocky" actor to put his name forward. Stallone, under the illusion that the movie was going to be like "Throw Momma from the Train," accepted the part and the rest is history. These days, Stallone regards "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot" as one of the worst movies he's ever made, and it's all Scharzenegger's fault.