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Why Boro In FUBAR Looks So Familiar

The world of espionage is a dangerous game that is only fit for the most cunning, physical, and resourceful among us. This is because to be a spy requires a certain amount of deception and psychology, which can sometimes create scenarios that rapidly deteriorate when a rouse is exposed. This is the fulcrum in which Netflix's "FUBAR" spins as Luke Brenner (Arnold Schwarzenegger) realizes that his secret life as a spy has not only been revealed to his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro), but the son of a former target as well when he goes to extract a fellow agent from a deadly situation.

Upon arriving at a reclusive compound, Luke comes face to face with his daughter, who is actually the secret agent he was sent to extricate. The reason why Luke is put in this situation is that he has managed to essentially con a man known as Boro (Gabriel Luna) his entire life. As the son of a cult-like military leader, Boro wishes to reestablish his father's former power and to make the world fear their family name. However, Boro himself soon puts the pieces together that Luke isn't a friend to the family, and the feelings of hurt and betrayal fill him with a destructive hatred that causes him to redouble his efforts to cause carnage and chaos on an untold scale by crafting undetectable nuclear weapons. Viewers of "FUBAR" may find themselves wondering why the actor who plays Boro looks so familiar, and it is because Luna has popped up in several well-known television shows and movies.

Luna acts a henchmen in a single episode of Prison Break

Checking out IMDb, one can see that Gabriel Luna's career started in 2005 with the movie "Fall to Grace," and that he currently has 27 acting credits. However, many might have had their first experience with Luna in a single 2008 episode of the immensely popular television series "Prison Break." This particular show is all about the efforts of Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) to help his wrongfully convicted brother Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) escape a fairly unconventional prison. Popping up in Episode 10 of Season 3, Luna plays the role of Eduardo.

Considering the nature of politics within prisons, especially the one featured in Season 3 of "Prison Break," Michael formulates a plan to tunnel out of prison while his brother Lincoln decides to procure a homemade, yet sophisticated, explosive to aid in Michael's escape attempt. However, Lincoln doesn't possess the technical acumen to create such a weapon, though he soon comes across Eduardo and another who is willing to sell such a device. Eduardo simply acts as a henchman in this situation, and he stands behind Lincoln as the transaction is completed. For all intents and purposes, Eduardo is allied with the Season 3 antagonist Sammy Norino (Laurence Mason), though his ultimate fate is unknown after the culmination of this episode and he only appears for a few brief moments. 

Luna got to be a soccer-playing CIA agent in Matador

The next place that people may remember Gabriel Luna from is the 2014 television series "Matador," which was available on the short-lived El Rey network. "Matador" is equal parts action and comedy, and it follows the efforts of Tony Bravo (Luna), a CIA operative that ends up going undercover with a professional soccer team in order to investigate the leader of said club, Andrés Galan (Alfred Molina). Unsurprisingly, Tony's elite government training proves to augment his soccer talents, and he quickly becomes a popular fixture on the soccer team for his ruthless gameplay, which earns him the nickname "Matador." As the main character, Tony pops up in all 13 episodes of "Matador."

In an interview with Collider, Luna was asked how he relates to Tony,. "It's all so new and he's taking in all these fresh experiences as they come, and this is the first time I've ever led a TV show. I've been on TV before and I've done a lot of films, but this is the first time where I'm number one for a full season," he said. "That's a pretty big sandbox to play in. But because I keep it about the work, at all times, to not really know anything beyond what I'm doing now, is good. That's the same thing with Tony. He doesn't really know any better. That keeps everything in balance, somehow."

Luna gets involved with messy politics and an unrequited love in Season 2 of True Detective

The year after "Matador," Gabriel Luna appeared in Season 2 of "True Detective." While the first season of "True Detective" has some serious cult overtones, Season 2 instead deals with human corruption in law enforcement, which it highlighted by presenting three different interconnected stories. Gabriel Luna played Miguel Gilb in three episodes, and this character is connected to Officer Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) on account of their shared history, though this actually causes some serious issues between the two.

This is because both Paul and Miguel used to be in the military together and had a homosexual experience, though Paul refuses to acknowledge his feelings. Although Paul tries to put distance between himself and Miguel, Miguel works as a mercenary for Ares Security. Unfortunately, events transpire that see Paul and Miguel come under fire, which tragically results in the death of Miguel. 

Luna spoke with the Austin Chronicle about what it was like to act in Season 2 of "True Detective," and he said that he absolutely loves the show and has played the theme song on his guitar. In addition, he credits the showrunner for coming up with a unique perspective in crafting "True Detective." Luna also mentioned that the writing in Season 2 felt very real, elaborating, "We seem to catch all these people going down. The stark realism of it is what carries over."

Luna got to be Marvel's Spirit of Vengeance in Agents of SHIELD

Trading his mercenary uniform in for a different look, Gabriel Luna lent his talents to the role of Robbie Reyes in nine episodes of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." between 2016 and 2017. As an auxiliary and supplemental story to the behemoth Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." has both normal humans and superheroes working together in an official capacity for the titular organization. Debuting in the first episode of Season 4, Robbie ends up in the cross-hairs of S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives after a series of vigilante killings. This is because Robbie is actually the latest incarnation of the Ghost Rider, a powerful entity that has the ability to cause a villain to suffer based on their actions. Of course, when you are host to a demonic entity, people will get a little concerned — especially if one's head becomes a flaming skull whenever one activates their powers! Luckily, Reyes soon proves his worth in the eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he aids in the apprehension of a powerful antagonist.

In an interview with Forbes, Luna was asked if he would ever be interested in reprising the role. "Oh, I love that character. It was really special. It had only come into existence in 2014 (Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider), created by Felipe Smith, and then it was in 2016 that we did the show and literally not a day goes by that somebody doesn't ask me about it," Luna replied. "It feels like the demand may be there and if the creative is there and it makes sense — I think with Marvel right now, it's so intricately woven that it would be a few years out if they started to think about it, to do the character. I'm always open."

Luna is a terrifying killer robot in Terminator: Dark Fate

"FUBAR" isn't the first time Gabriel Luna crossed paths with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he and the famous actor had met before in the 2019 film "Terminator: Dark Fate." This movie is part of the "Terminator" franchise, which means that there is plenty of time travel and killer robots. What makes "Terminator: Dark Fate" different is that Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is able to stop the future ascent of Skynet into an apocalyptic force, but in its stead, a new artificial intelligence known as Legion engages in a genocidal campaign against the remnants of humanity. 

Much like the original "Terminator," a human warrior is sent back to protect the future leader of the resistance, and this is now Dani Ramos (Natalie Reyes). In opposition to the cybernetically enhanced protector Grace (Mackenzie Davis) comes the brand new terminator unit known as Rev-9 (Luna), which combines the rigid exoskeleton of the T-800 model with a liquid metal exterior similar to that of the T-1000. That means that the Rev-9 is as sturdy as an original Terminator unit and as versatile as the shape-changing T-1000. In other words, Rev-9 is a potent villain in "Terminator: Dark Fate."

Speaking with Movie Web, Luna said that the thing he loved about working on "Terminator: Dark Fate" was the chance to meet impressive talents like Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. "I think out of the whole experience, the most incredible part of it all was just all of the time we got to spend after we were done, after we finished the work," he explained. "We had a lot in common. We enjoyed each other's company."

Luna is Joel's brother in The Last of Us

One of the biggest outings for Gabriel Luna in recent memory before the premiere of "FUBAR" showcased a completely different side of the actor, as he appeared as Tommy in HBO's immensely successful adaptation "The Last of Us." Tommy is the brother of Joel (Pedro Pascal), and it is revealed that he is a former veteran who worked with Joel before the outbreak of cordyceps. However, after the world crumbles, there are overtures by Joel that suggest he and Tommy engaged in some very questionable behavior in the immediate aftermath.

Eventually, both Tommy and Joel have a falling out when Tommy joins the Fireflies resistance group, but Tommy soon tires of their efforts and settles down in a remote and isolated commune of survivors. Tommy is actually a major component of "The Last of Us," and for the first part of the show, Joel is simply trying to find his brother. Once they are reunited, though, Joel learns that Tommy has not only survived, but thrived, and is expecting a child with his wife Maria (Rutina Wesley). 

In an interview with GQ, Luna joked that the reunion episode between Joel and Tommy created some issues behind the scenes. "They had a hell of a time trying to make me look older, which was funny. I think I went and did like four hair and makeup tests trying to make me look older and then eventually I think [co-creator and showrunner] Craig [Mazin] just threw his hands up and said, 'we're just gonna say you age really well,'" he said.

Between playing mercenaries, villains, brothers, and superheroes, Luna certainly has had quite a varied career thus far.