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Modern Family: What Episode Does Danny Trejo Appear In?

Throughout his career, Danny Trejo has enjoyed several accomplishments, including his own taco truck, his role as Isador "Machete" Cortez in the "Spy Kids" franchise, and a hilarious stint as Marcia Brady alongside Steve Buscemi. But while Trejo has appeared in many productions, fans might not know that he was in a Season 2 episode of the hit sitcom "Modern Family." 

Trejo portrayed Gus, a janitor at Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) school, in the episode "Dance Dance Revelation." During the kids' first school dance, Claire (Julie Bowen) works as chair of the event, a job she has done for years because she can talk to Gus while others are afraid to do so. 

She is able to get Gus to do what she wants because he has a crush on her. However, when Gloria (Sofia Vergara) is named co-chair, she quickly becomes the focus of the janitor's attention, and he inadvertently causes more drama between the stepmother and stepdaughter. As expected, Trejo exhibits his usual "tough guy" persona while playing Gus, but he also has room to show a sweet and vulnerable side of his character. 

Gus briefly made things awkward between Claire and Gloria

Claire and Gus' relationship is seen as strained at the beginning of the episode, and it's because she rejected his offer to attend the event with him. He is short with her, refuses to do what she asks, and even tries to convince her to dance with him — and forget her husband Phil (Ty Burrell) in the process. Though Claire turns him down once again, Gus cannot deny her, and he agrees to fix the lights. 

At that moment, Gloria arrives, and everything Claire has ever known about school dances changes in an instant. In addition to Gloria rearranging what Claire has already set up, she immediately charms Gus and the other mothers. 

During the dance, Claire spills a drink on herself, and she sees Gus walking toward her with paper towels. She believes he's coming to her rescue, but it turns out he is approaching Gloria right behind her. Everything comes to a boil, and Claire storms out. She is followed by Gloria, and she reveals that, though she always rejected Gus' advances, she enjoyed having some power due to the fact she was the only person he liked.

While Claire and Gloria patch things up and enjoy the dance with their sons, Gus is nowhere to be seen. He doesn't return to the series, leaving viewers to wonder about his fate.