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Why KC Houseman From Moonfall Looks So Familiar

It hasn't been all that long since Roland Emmerich's latest blockbuster disaster flick "Moonfall" made its way to theaters. But it seems enough time has passed that audiences are starting to recognize that the film is nowhere near as bad as its less-than-fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating might portray. In fact, the film is on the verge of becoming a minor cult hit with viewers with a taste for a little '90s-styled B-movie mayhem.

If you've yet to join their ranks, "Moonfall" opens with a space-set tragedy, and years later finds the astronauts involved — Patrick Wilson's Brian Harper and Halle Berry's Jocinda Fowler — called back into action when the Moon mysteriously shifts on its axis. Said gravity-altering event turns out to be the work of an advanced alien being, with Harper, Fowler, and KC Houseman — the clever conspiracy theorist who cracked the case long before even NASA — jetting off into the cosmos to set the world right again. 

That conspiracy nut is played by John Bradley, who undoubtedly looks familiar to many "Moonfall" fans. Here's where you've seen him before.

John Bradley rose to prominence as Samwell Tarly on Game of Thrones

John Bradley should be beyond familiar to anyone who tuned in to watch HBO's fantasy hit "Game of Thrones' during its largely celebrated eight-season run. Bradley did, after all, spend all eight seasons of the series portraying Jon Snow's (Kit Harrington) black-cloaked bestie, Samwell Tarly. Though the character was largely around to bring a dash of comic relief to the angsty, often dour world of Mr. Snow (or, Targaryen, if you'll allow) during the series' infancy, Sam would go on to play a significant role in the deadly power struggle for the throne of Westeros as the show progressed. 

Bradley was often a highlight amongst the series' esteemed supporting cast, as well. The actor helped to transform the brainy, but mildly cowardly punching bag of a character into a brainy, sub-heroic sort, capable of using his wits — and sometimes even force — to fight for what's right. Along the way, Sam became one of the series' legit fan favorites, with even "Thrones" mastermind George R.R. Martin once naming him the character he most identifies with in the bloody, beautifully convoluted story. And it's safe to say many "Game of Thrones" viewers saw at least a little bit of Sam in themselves, too.  

Traders offered Bradley a rare leading role

Like his regular "Game of Thrones" co-star Kit Harrington, the smash hit series was actually John Bradley's first credited acting gig, with the rising star reportedly booking the job mere months out of drama school. Though his "Thrones" gig no doubt jammed up much of his schedule during its HBO tenure, Bradley still found time to stretch his wings on screens big and small. And in 2012, he wowed many with a patently dark turn in "Traders," as a devilishly enterprising young chap who finds a shocking way to make a little extra money at the expense of, well, common human decency.

If you've yet to see "Traders," the film takes a few wicked cues from the likes of "Black Mirror" in that technology plays a role in the action. Co-starring Barry Keoghan and Killian Scott, "Traders" finds Bradley portraying an accountant named Vernon Stynes, who seizes on the world's economic troubles by setting up an online venue where two desperate souls agree to "trade" with each other, putting up their life's savings in a winner take all fight to the death. 

As that synopsis alludes, it's a cold, yet clever little tale that pulls no punches with its socioeconomic insights, as Vernon and his old co-worker, Harry Fox (Scott), run the game on all comers. And it's one that earned raves from The Hollywood Reporter, and numerous other critics upon release.

Bradley worked with J-Lo and Owen Wilson on Marry Me

While "Traders" offered John Bradley a leading role, the actor has continued to book minor supporting work over the years, appearing briefly in UK hits like "Shameless," "Merlin," and Sacha Baron Cohen's star-studded, but critically maligned, action spoof "The Brothers Grimsby." But even as "Moonfall" once again put his unique talents front and center, it wasn't the only Hollywood offering to bare Bradley's name in 2022, as the actor landed a major role in the rom-com charmer, "Marry Me."

That film, of course, found Jennifer Lopez playing pop star Kat Valdez who, moments before her high profile, on-stage wedding to fellow superstar Bastian (Maluma), is informed by her manager that the would-be groom has been very publicly unfaithful. Broken-hearted by the news, but determined not to miss out on the major pop culture event, Kat ditches Bastian, and instead weds random concertgoer Charlie Gilbert, a divorced dad attending the show with his daughter. Despite the setup, "Marry Me" is a refreshingly old-fashioned romantic comedy that finds love blooming between Kat and Charlie despite the myriad of obstacles and misunderstandings thrown their way.

As for Bradley, that is indeed the "Game of Thrones" alum cutting it up as Kat's manager, Colin, alongside Wilson and Lopez. And if you've seen "Marry Me," you know the actor more than holds his own opposite his super-famous co-stars. 

North Shore casts Bradley as a crack homicide detective

John Bradley followed up his high-profile role in "Marry Me" with a supporting turn in 2022's "The Railway Children Return." The 2022 film is a followup to the beloved 1970 UK film, "The Railway Children." For his current role, however, Bradley went a touch darker, playing the role of Max Drummond in the thriller series, "North Shore." Created by "Buffalo Soldiers" helmer, and "Suits" alum Gregor Jordan, "North Shore" finds Bradley playing a British detective assisting Australian authorities on a murder case. As the action unfolds, an international conspiracy begins to take form that may have ties to top political personas. 

"North Shore" is currently airing its first season overseas, and is slated to be making its way to the Paramount+ streaming platform sometime later this year. So if you're hot to catch the actor formerly known as Samwell Tarly playing a homicide detective in a murder mystery full of international intrigue, you'll want to keep an eye out for "North Shore." Until then, you can always head over to Max and watch John Bradley prop up all the broken things he can find via a good, old-fashioned "Game of Thrones" rewatch.