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Kang The Conqueror's Got A Very Different Role In The New Avengers Series - Exclusive

Contains spoilers for "Avengers" #1

Kang the Conqueror is back in the pages of Marvel Comics in the newest "Avengers" series, but the time-traveling villain has a much different role than usual in the events at hand. In "Avengers" #1, Captain Marvel is teleported to Nowhen following her battle with Terminus, a place that exists out of time. It's where the current leader of the Avengers meets with an injured Kang the Conqueror, whose appearance is notably different than what the Avengers are used to. Instead of sporting his iconic costume, mask, and Time Chair, Kang is stripped down to his most human form — while he deals with an injury from the villain Myrddin in "Timeless" that nearly killed him.

While Kang the Conqueror hasn't been killed, his vulnerable state means he isn't currently the most significant threat the Avengers are forced to deal with. However, his emergence from Nowhen and continued quest to track down the Missing Moments, a moment in time he cannot travel to or access, could set the stage for his upcoming stories.

Looper spoke with writer Jed MacKay and artist C.F. Villa about the new "Avengers" series from Marvel Comics, discussing the challenges Earth's Mightiest Heroes will face in the series.

Kang finds himself in a new place in Avengers

With the main threat being Terminus in Issue 1 and the new villains, the Ashen Combine, taking up the team's attention in future issues, Kang's presence throughout the series will continue to be felt. Jed MacKay admitted the events of "Timeless" were used as an introduction to his "Avengers" run, with the Missing Moment and Tribulation Events teased in the one-shot laying the groundwork for what's coming. Additionally, C.F. Villa told us the stripped-down Kang would play a key role in the events ahead.

"[Kang]'s mischievous," Villa said. "He's out there plotting stuff. We would like to see what the readers think about it, and it's ... 'Timeless' is a very big book in relation to what we are going through in 'Avengers' and what we will be doing in the next issue. It's important. You'll see, in Issue 2, some of the relation to 'Timeless' and the books to come. It's going to be there; you need to go back to that book. I enjoyed going through it. It's a different look for him, for Kang, and what's coming up ... I hope readers enjoy it. It's going to be fun — a lot of twists and turns."

Can Kang help the Avengers, or is he still not to be trusted?

The text solicitations for "Avengers" #2 tease the heroes and Kang the Conqueror working together to stop the Tribulation Events that are set to rock the Marvel Universe. After Kang's warning to Captain Marvel at the end of "Avengers" #1, the preview reveals he will further warn the team about the dangers coming in the future. However, the Avengers aren't about to put their trust in Kang, as they've been burned by him many times. However, they might not have much choice when trying to avoid future destruction.

Kang has seemingly met his match with the Twilight Court, who nearly killed him, while the Ashen Combine soon rises in the Marvel Universe. Stripped down and gravely wounded, readers see a much more exposed Kang than ever. Right now, he's not the main villain for the Avengers. Instead, he's got a different role, to warn the superteam of a threat even he can't stop. Is it possible he will join the heroes to save the future? Can they ever put their trust and faith in someone who has proven to be one of their greatest enemies for decades? That's unclear right now. It will be fascinating to see how Kang's storyline in "Avengers" plays out. His unpredictable fate means anything is possible. 

"Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.