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How Many Episodes Are In Power Book IV: Force Season 2?

Starz's "Power" series finale cemented the end of the calculated, ruthless, and complex drug dealer James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick). But by the final curtain close on the crime drama series, "Power" had long introduced other intriguing and captivating characters besides James worthy of the spotlight. Among them included Patrick's friend and business partner, Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), who originally had California on his mind by the end of "Power." However, Tommy made a detour into Chicago, which served as the setting for his own spin-off, "Power Book IV: Force."

Instead of a nice casual trip, "Power Book IV: Force" Season 1 sees Tommy rolling into the same type of illegal trouble he was embroiled in back in New York City. It doesn't take long before he's involved in a gang war, and the bodies start piling up. However, Tommy takes a liking to the dark but familiar underworld offerings of the Windy City and decides to stay for the long haul.

Tommy's adventures in "Power Book IV: Force" will continue when Season 2 airs on September 1, 2023. And as for the episode count, we can probably expect Season 2 to mirror Season 1. According to IMDb, Season 2 is slated to have ten episodes, just like Season 1. And the potential episode count would reflect the seasons of the other two spin-offs: "Power Book II: Ghost" and "Power Book III: Raising Kanan." In addition to repeating the same episode count, Starz is likely hoping "Power Book IV: Force Season 2" also gains the first season's success with ratings.

Power Book IV: Force Season 1 gave Starz some big ratings

When the spin-offs for "Power" were announced, a special buzz really seemed to flutter around the prospect of "Power Book IV: Force." And when the first season premiered, that fan interest, fortunately, evolved into a ratings smash for Starz. The first episode of "Power Book IV: Force" set a record by producing one of the network's most powerful cross-platform performances that even beat out other worthy contenders at the time like "Dexter: New Blood" and "Yellowjackets." With Season 2's trailer seeming to deliver more of the bloody betrayals and violent twists Season 1 of "Power Book IV: Force" had, Starz may be setting itself up for more high numbers come September.

But we can't forget the main ingredient behind "Power Book IV: Force," which probably keeps fans returning for more. The charismatic bad guy, Tommy Egan, served as a huge fan favorite on the original "Power" series. And it's safe to say the fan love hasn't fallen off during "Power Book IV: Force." It may have all surprised Tommy's actor Joseph Sikora, who told Cassius Life that, especially back to the first episode of "Power," he never imagined his character would receive their own spin-off. "No, I didn't think about it," Sikora said to Cassius Life. "I just showed up that day to work and have fun and make really strong and bold choices. And I think that that really paid off for me."