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Who Plays Lily Tucker-Pritchett On Modern Family?

During "Modern Family's" 11-year run, fans got to watch all of the kids grow up, with actors Rico Rodriguez (Manny Delgado), Nolan Gould (Luke Dunphy), and Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy) literally dealing with all the ups and downs of adolescence in front of our eyes. But none of the changes were quite as dramatic as watching Lily Tucker-Pratchett go from a baby to a pre-teen between her introduction in the pilot episode and the Season 11 finale.

The first two seasons saw an innocent, docile baby Lily, who was often seated in her car seat, being held, or in a high chair. Her lack of lines was forgiven, because she was adorable. But by Season 3, Lily had become a toddler, and thanks to her aunt Claire's (Julie Bowen) driving her weekly to gymnastics, Lily had started inserting sarcasm and snarkiness into her everyday language. While she often displays a spoiled and self-centered attitude, she often surprises her family with her giving attitude, such as when she gives away the Puppy Pound she really wanted in Season 5, Episode 10.

While portrayed by twins Ella and Jaden Hiller as a baby, Lily Tucker-Pritchett was recast by Season 3, with Aubrey Anderson-Emmons playing her until the show ended.

Aubrey infused Lily with a feisty personality

Before "Modern Family," Ella and Jaden Hiller had played the part of an abandoned Indian baby in the 2009 film "Surrogate." They were cast as Lily Tucker-Pritchett after their mother, Michelle, "saw an ad on Craigslist [classified website] looking for identical Asian girl twins," she told Woman's Day. "So we sent a picture and they were cast." According to Michelle, the girls were featured in 36 episodes, but by Season 2 she and her husband, Doug, noticed the girls didn't seem happy. They made the decision that it was time for the twins to retire from show biz, and they haven't acted since.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons took over the role of Lily in Season 3, and for the first time Lily was part of storylines and had dialogue. As Lily's personality emerged, Aubrey played her with sassiness and boldness that was different from herself. "I don't relate to her too much—I'm not sassy or a brat!" she told Girls Life. "I don't roast my mom 24/7 or walk in the room and do a line and walk out. It's great playing her but I'm not like her. She's definitely a character!"

Aubrey played the role of Emma Stelzer in 2014's "Distance," but hasn't had any other roles. She's pretty active on her social media accounts and has kept in touch with her "Modern Family" co-stars, posting an Instagram photo of her and Jesse Tyler Ferguson hanging out in November, 2022. But other than that, she's just enjoying being a teenager.