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Alita: Battle Angel Trailer: Get An Eye-Widening New Look At The Manga Adaptation

My, Alita, what big eyes you have. 

The newest trailer for Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron's live-action manga adaptation Alita: Battle Angel brings viewers eye to massive eye with its title character, the cyborg Alita played in a motion-capture role by Rosa Salazar. 

First dropped at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday before making its way online on Monday, this new look at Alita: Battle Angel features plenty of footage recycled from the first trailer, but it also sprinkles in additional backstory for Alita, explores the film's sprawling sci-fi metropolis, and teases the tense cyborg-on-cyborg fight yet to come. 

"Alita, they will come for you," Christoph Waltz's Dr. Dyson Ido, Alita's caretaker, warns. The bug-eyed bounty hunter maintains a determined demeanor: "I'll have to face them head-on." 

The "them" in question are, of course, other robots — including the nefarious Zapan (Ed Skrein) and an enormous, spike chain-fingered man-machine hybrid — who want Alita dead. 

Perhaps the best part of the new Alita: Battle Angel trailer is that the title character's eyes look a bit better than they did in the first footage released earlier this year. When approaching Alita's design, Rodriguez and Cameron aimed to present a "photo-realistic version" of Alita's eyes as seen in Yukito Kishiro's manga series, upon which the film is based. And though the intent behind the decision to make Alita look similar to the way she did in the source material is good (director Rodriguez explained he and Cameron "really wanted to honor" Kishiro's series), the outcome has been less so. 

After watching the first trailer, some really dug Alita's look in the live-action film, calling the decision to give her manga-accurate eyes a "bold choice." Others... well, they thought she looks "truly horrifying" — especially because all other characters' faces, even Alita's fellow cyborgs, remained unaltered, totally human.

Hopefully this new footage can sway some of the naysayers in a more positive direction.

Whether or not the spunky, saucer-eyed cyborg is your cup of tea, she'll arrive in theaters in just a few months. Alita: Battle Angel is set for release on December 21.