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What's The Song In Secret Invasion's 'Fight' Teaser Trailer?

Marvel continues to get people amped up for the highly anticipated Disney+ series "Secret Invasion." The "Secret Invasion" series features an impressive cast of familiar faces, and some notable Skrulls from the comics are likely to show up. The most recent teaser even offers viewers a better glimpse of what Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is going up against on the show. 

The one-minute preview shows plenty of action and shape-shifting with a pulse-pounding track playing in the background that some fans may want to add to their playlists. In the "Fight" preview, fans learn that Fury is concerned about a Skrull invasion, which is already underway. Fury's motivations for not assembling the Avengers are also revealed, mostly due to the fact that the conflict is personal, and despite being very elusive, he has become the most wanted man on the planet. 

The teaser also indicates that fans are in for a twist-filled ride packed to the brim with Marvel-style espionage, and it does so in style thanks to the song featured, which is "Audacity" by Stormzy. While the chosen music does a magnificent job of setting the tone for the exciting series, like most Skrulls hiding in the MCU, it may not have been on everyone's radar, which is a shame because it has already been part of a global invasion.

The song and the album had the Audacity to take on the world

The song featured in the "Fight" promo for "Secret Invasion" is a single from December 11, 2019. "Audacity" topped the charts in Ireland as well as the UK, where it earned a Gold certification. The music video for "Audacity" was also released with the single and has achieved 17 million views on YouTube; however, the track itself was merely a pawn in a bigger, more ambitious scheme.

The song is from Stormzy's album "Heavy is the Head," which had a bigger global impact overall. Not only did the album find an abundance of success in several European countries, as well as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United States, but it also experienced exemplary results in the UK, where it piqued at number one on the charts. Stormzy's second studio album also received a solid score on Metacritic with significant praise from critics like Carl Anka. 

"'Heavy is the Head' is a broad-reaching, genre-buckling romp that — while sometimes overreaching — never gets dull or overstays its welcome," Anka wrote for NMEThe Guardian review also noted how the artist was revolutionary.

"Stormzy manages to transcend genre (again) without sacrificing his core griminess," they wrote, "or losing too much in the way of accent, word choice, content, or theme."

"Heavy in the Head," led by "Audacity," may not have taken over the world long term, but it made an impact. Thanks to Stormzy's efforts, the track is able to be an asset for the "Secret Invasion" Disney+ is planning, which kicks off on June 21, 2023.