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Supernatural San Diego Comic-Con Trailer Teases Season 14

Welcome back, Winchester Brothers. 

Those in attendance at the Supernatural panel during San Diego Comic-Con got a tiny first taste of the series' upcoming 14th season through an extended trailer that feels more like a highlight reel, as it mostly revisits the events of past seasons. 

While there isn't much in terms of new Supernatural footage in the Comic-Con-exclusive clip displayed above, considering the show just recently began production on its forthcoming season, there are a few winks at what's to come for our favorite demon-hunting duo. 

"Do you ever feel like we're doing nothing but playing defense, bouncing from one apocalypse to the next?" Sam (Jared Padalecki) asks Dean (Jensen Ackles) in the trailer, set to "God Was Never on Your Side" by Motorhead. "There will always be more people that need saving, no matter how many monsters we kill." 

Dean interjects, "There's always going to be another one around the corner." Sam then wonders aloud if he and his brother could ever change things, "stop all the monsters, all the bad." 

It's a wonderful thought that maybe — just maybe — will become a reality in season 14. After so many years spent grappling with the fact that the world will never be completely safe and their jobs will never be entirely done, will the Winchester men finally arrive at a definitive solution to put an end to all the suffering and vanquish the demons for good? We don't mean to be all 2010 Justin Bieber about things, but never say never

Such a mission will be tough on its own, but will be made even more difficult by the fact that Dean won't be himself in season 14. In the new episodes, actor Ackles portrays Dean as Michael, the archangel who took control of his character's body in the season 13 finale. 

"Dean's kind of sitting shotgun right now, while Michael is driving," Ackles explained (via IGN). That will leave most of the work to Sam, who has conveniently "taken on more of a leadership role" in the forthcoming season. 

Not only will Supernatural season 14 feature new power dynamics and a different-yet-sort-of-the-same Dean, but it will also mark an important point in the series' history. The 13th episode of the new season is the watershed 300th episode of Supernatural overall — and fans are expecting something major to happen when that installment airs. 

Supernatural is set to return to the CW for season 14 on Thursday, October 11.