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Why Captain Marvel Chose Sam Wilson, Not Steve Rogers, For Captain America - Exclusive

Contains spoilers for "Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics

The newest Avengers team has officially formed in the Marvel Universe, with Captain Marvel leading the latest iteration of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The group consists of several A-list heroes who have long been part of the Avengers, including Thor, Iron Man, and Black Panther, who will fight together to take on the new villains, the Ashen Combine. But there's a particular reason why Sam Wilson's Captain America was chosen for the team over Steve Rogers. 

In "Avengers" #1 from Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers meets with both Captain Americas and tells Steve that she's recruiting Sam for the team instead of him. While picking the less experienced and less powerful Captain America might seem like an odd choice at first glance, Captain Marvel shares valid reasoning for choosing Wilson over Rogers, believing he offers to the roster something much needed and different than the original Cap.

In our exclusive interview with Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa on the new "Avengers" book, they explained why Wilson was the right choice for the team's Captain America.

Captain Marvel needs Sam for the Avengers

In "Avengers" #1 by Jed MacKay, Carlos Villa, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit, from Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel visits heroes from across the Marvel Universe to join the Avengers. After making Iron Man her first pick and bringing Thor back into the fold, Carol sees Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. However, Captain Marvel doesn't recruit both shield-wielding heroes but instead offers just Sam a spot on the team. The news doesn't hurt Rogers, nor is he upset about it. Carol explains that she doesn't need another legendary hero on the roster but needs Wilson to give a more grounded perspective to a team filled with gods, wizards, billionaires, and kings. 

"It's laid out in #1, but the Avengers are sorely lacking the perspective of a normal person," MacKay said. "Sam is valuable to the team not just as Captain America, but also as Sam Wilson, inner-city social worker. Sam is the conscience of the team, not just in an abstract of the dream as Captain America, but as someone who very much lives in the real world. As Carol says, 'The Avengers aren't gods. We can't afford to act like we are.' It's Sam Wilson who reminds them of that."

Villa added that it was important to level out the power among the team, joking, "Poor Sam Wilson," about when it comes to fighting alongside gods. However, the talented artist echoed MacKay's sentiments about why Wilson's Captain America is part of the team, saying he's there because he's a "human element" the team would be missing otherwise.

The Avengers are prepared to take on multiversal threats

Sam Wilson's Captain America joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes against some of the most dangerous forces in the multiverse. After taking on Terminus in Issue 1, Captain Marvel is teleported to a place outside of time, where an injured Kang the Conqueror warns her about the threats coming. Among them is the Ashen Combine, who was first teased in Jed MacKay's "Timeless" one-shot. The group of city-annihilating villains hedonistically enjoys causing destruction, death, and chaos and has its sights set on the Marvel Universe. While Kang was seemingly taken off the board after being gravely injured and sent to Nowhen, his looming presence should also be a concern for the Avengers. 

While Captain Marvel, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Vision will be among the Avengers offering the most firepower to take down the threats ahead, Captain America's more human approach will be needed to see the big picture as they fight to save Earth from the Ashen Combine's Tribulation Events and whatever follows next as the series unfolds.

Sam Wilson officially joins the Avengers as their Captain America in "Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics, which is now in comic book stores and at online retailers.