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The Purge TV Series Slays Comic-Con With New Trailer

The Purge is coming twice this year. Yay?

Landing a mere two months after the fourth Purge movie The First Purgethe Purge is coming to TV with The Purge. Watch the trailer that aired at San Diego Comic-Con up above.

A kill-or-be-killed metaphor for life in the USA, The Purge will air on USA this fall, with ten episodes comprising what's being described not as an ongoing series, but rather a television event.

The Comic-Con trailer offers a different look at the series than its debut trailer, going into slightly more detail about the different storylines and scenarios the show will cover, being set ten years after the events of The First Purge. Apparently for America, things escalated quickly.

The best thing about this trailer is the same thing that's good about all four of the Purge movies so far: That creepy siren announcing that the Purge is beginning. That's some Silent Hill stuff. 

The trailer also lays it on almost exceedingly thickly with the heavy-handed metaphors, at one point just coming right out with it and saying that the Purge is America. Which, okay, sure it is — but after four movies' worth of this, you'd think we could get more subtle with the message, not overt, right? You feel this? But no, this series feels like it's out to prove that we're now officially through with the metaphors. Subtext is becoming text, fiction is reality, and TV is life now, brother. The Purge... the Purge is freakin' real.

The Purge is written by James DeMonaco, and based on the movie The Purge, which was written and directed by James DeMonaco. Like the movie series, the TV series will focus on a number of different characters in the lead-up to an eventful Purge night. From revenge missions to cult rituals to targeted assassinations, the TV series looks like it's going to try and explore angles to the Purge tradition that haven't yet been seen on screen.

The Purge will run rampant across TV screens on September 4.