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The Hilarious Detail In Fast X That Has People Talking

A character like Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) in the "Fast and Furious" franchise has accomplished what so few people, both in real life or in the world of fiction, have ever managed to do — he's found a style that works for him. In Dom's case, it's the classic sleeveless shirt that captures so much of what his character is all about. Dom has rocked the undershirt sans sleeves on many "F&F" adventures over the years, but fans of the franchise really seem to be enjoying the reveal in "Fast X" that he even wore one at his wedding.

"Who else had a theater that cracked up when it panned to Dom's wedding photo where he's wearing a wifebeater lmao," asked u/flashkickz on Reddit. And u/ImmortalMist326 shared a memory that really captures the collective joy of the theatrical experience: "I was the only one in my theater so the whole crowd laughed."

Dom's wedding photos provide other sources of humor too

While Dom Toretto's wedding attire seen in a photograph in "Fast X" is a pretty hilarious treat, particularly for longtime fans of the "Fast and Furious" franchise, the photographs representing the obsession of Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) for revenge against Dom provided fans with some other laughs as well. Fans like u/B0zzyk, brought up this issue with the film's internal photographic logic: "I couldn't get over how literally every picture they had were just obvious screenshots of the previous movies. I get that they're not gonna take a whole bunch of staged pictures, but when you're literally seeing pictures that happened when there was absolutely no cameras around, it really takes me out of it."

Whether you're able to suspend your belief regarding the presence of cameras during previous scenes in the "F&F" saga or not, the image of Dom Toretto wearing a sleeveless undershirt to his own wedding is one image to treasure forever — just like Dante does in the film!