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Who Did Leslie Mann Play On Modern Family?

During its 11-season run, it's no surprise that "Modern Family" compiled its fair share of guest stars. Some standouts include Nathan Fillion, Kevin Hart, Matthew Broderick, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Leslie Mann.

Mann—who fans probably know from her comedy films, such as "The Cable Guy," which also starred Broderick—appeared in season three of the hit sitcom as a character named Katie.

Katie shows up in the episode "Treehouse." After Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) tells Cam (Eric Stonestreet) that everyone who meets him can see he's gay, the latter becomes determined to prove his boyfriend wrong. While at a bar with Mitch, Cam decides to prove he can act straight and challenges Mitch to pick any woman, and he would be able to get her number. 

Though Mann plays a brief role, her part brings about a hysterical storyline between Mitch and Cam, especially since Stonestreet is able to tap into both the competitive and dramatic nature of his character.

Mann played Katie, a new friend of Cam's

Mitch points to a woman sitting alone at the bar, who happens to be Katie. Cam approaches Katie and talks like he hasn't seen her in forever, and she immediately plays along. She then says that since her coma, she hasn't been able to remember people and asks who he is. Mortified, Cam apologizes, but Katie reveals she was joking and tells him his approach was "the worst pickup ever." In the end, he buys her a drink and heads back to his own table with her number.

Cam's pride at winning the bet quickly fades, and he feels guilty for leading Katie on. He fails to tell her the truth over the phone but comes clean after inviting her over. However, Katie isn't surprised. As Mitch suspected, she knew Cam was gay since meeting him. She just wants a gay friend to talk to and see Julia Roberts movies with, something Cam is happy to do.

When Mitch comes home—and Cam is afraid he will gloat—Katie acts devastated that he is gay, allowing him to keep his dignity. She kisses Cam passionately. As she leaves, she gestures for him to call her, implying they will remain friends. However, this is the last time Katie is in the show, and it is unknown if she and Cam hung out together.