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The Walking Dead Previews Ninth Season With 5-Minute-Long Comic-Con Trailer

Humans and zombies are equally lousy neighbors in the supersized first trailer for The Walking Dead season nine.

Following its debut at San Diego Comic-Con (and coming in the wake of a short teaser), AMC has released the full trailer for the next installment of episodes in the marquee zombie apocalypse series. 

While there isn't too much in the way of action throughout the five-minute reel of new footage, there is a very palpable sense of dread. 

The trailer principally focuses on the creation of a new world order as the survivors of the zombie apocalypse try and have themselves a society. From the look of things, they're arguably getting closer to a happy status quo than they've ever been before, with the dispatching of walkers and other daily duties of survival coming off as a matter of routine. 

Instead, it seems the main conflicts, once again, are principally happening between living people, as disparate groups work to build a fledgling society in a stressful, resource-scarce world without resorting to all-out war.

Perhaps most interestingly, the upcoming episodes mark the last time that star Andrew Lincoln, who has played Rick Grimes in the series since its first episode, will appear as the character in a regular role. 

"That's stuff that I obviously don't want to spoil for fans, but I think what I can tell you is that we've got a great story for Rick," series showrunner Angela Kang said of Lincoln's impending departure in an interview with Deadline. "He's actively thinking about what needs to be done to build for the future."

The Walking Dead will return on Sunday, October 7 at 9 pm. For more from the world of the walking dead, you can check out the trailer for sister series Fear the Walking Dead's final episodes of its fourth season right here.