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Marvel Introduces Two New Venoms In The Summer Of Symbiotes

Marvel's "Summer of Symbiotes" is coming later this year, and with it, two new characters are about to be introduced into the mythos of the popular symbiote creatures. In a brand-new solicitation for "Extreme Venomverse" #3, Marvel Comics is revealing Madame Venom and a prehistoric version of Venom will make their comic book debut in a new comic that explores new and familiar sides of the symbiotes.

Marvel Comics has continued to expand the mythos of the symbiotes, with the characters getting a starring role in the "King in Black" event by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, which featured Venom and the Earth's Mightiest Heroes battling the Knull, the God of Symbiotes. Since the conclusion of the 2020-21 event, the symbiote world has dramatically changed, as Dylan Brock has assumed the role of Venom and Eddie Brock has taken Knull's place as the new King in Black in Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch's ongoing series on the symbiote. Meanwhile, Carnage has sought more power than ever before after leaving his usual host Cletus Kasady in Ram V and Francesco Manna's run on the character. Now, Marvel is revealing what's coming next, as the "Summer of Symbiotes" will feature two new characters and the much-anticipated return of a fan-favorite symbiote hero.

Meet Marvel's new symbiotes

"Extreme Venomverse" has already teased several pretty exciting developments happening in the series' first two issues. Issue one will feature Eddie Brock becoming Spider-Man in a story by Ryan North and Paulo Siqueira, and Leonardo Romero is reimagining Venom as a samurai. Things won't slow down from there, as issue two will spotlight a Venom-ized version of Black Cat in a tale from Al Ewing and Vincezo Carratu; David Prepose and Ken Lashley will introduce a Life-Model Venom, and Clay McLeod Chapman and Paul Davidson will debut a creepy Venom from the 1602 reality.

The "Summer of Symbiotes" will continue to bring new Venoms to the mix in "Extreme Venomverse" #3. Actor Taran Killam ("Saturday Night Live") will team up with artist Rod Reis to introduce Madame Venom, a badass femme fatale symbiote from the Old West. Meanwhile, Jed MacKay and Danny Earls will go back to the prehistoric age and spotlight a primal version of Venom, who will make their Marvel Comics debut in the story. The issue will also star Flash Thompson's Venom Spaceknight — with the hero's death being teased. Lastly, Ty Templeton ("Batman and Robin Adventures") will write and draw the "Daily Bugle funnies," featuring symbiotes getting the newspaper comic treatment.

The Death of Venomverse is also coming

The "Extreme Venomverse" is hinted at as a major turning point for some of the most important symbiotes in the pages of Marvel Comics. While details have been kept under wraps, Marvel has teased the "Death of the Venomverse" as part of the "Summer of Symbiotes" event, which could reset the status quo for symbiotes in the Marvel Universe. So, for Eddie, Dylan Brock, and Carnage, the upcoming comic may represent a new beginning. It's also not the only universe with a teased ending, as the event comes on the heels of the "End of the Spider-Verse" from Dan Slott and Mark Bagley, as "Spider-Man" #7 may have devastating consequences at the end of the Spider-War currently unfolding in that ongoing title.

It's always exciting to see new versions of popular heroes be introduced. With Madame Venom and a new prehistoric Venom entering the fray, Marvel is reaching into some of the stranger corners of the Venomverse to showcase violent variants of the antihero that haven't been seen before. 

Readers can see both Madame Venom, prehistoric Venom, and Venom Spaceknight in "Extreme Venomverse" #3. The "Summer of Symbiotes" comic officially releases from Marvel Comics in June.