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Fast X's Cast Wrote Letters To Louis Leterrier Begging To Keep Their Characters Alive

"Fast X" isn't just any old "Fast & Furious" movie. It brings together numerous characters from separate installments in the franchise to take on a new threat. It also kicks off a concluding trilogy that Vin Diesel insists will end the franchise, but as long as these movies keep making money, it's safe to say they'll live on in one form or another. 

Since "Fast X" clearly sets up future movies, it's safe to say it needs to up the ante in more ways than one. And with the franchise seemingly winding down, it makes perfect sense to up the stakes by killing off a beloved character or two. Of course, this movie is all about family, and that applies to the cast, too, many of whom have been around since early on. It makes sense no one would want to leave such a lucrative gig, and director Louis Leterrier told Collider that cast members resorted to an unusual tactic to make their case: "The actors had to write letters to beg me to keep their characters alive, and I deemed them worthy." Naturally, letters only get you so far when telling a compelling story comes first and foremost. 

Louis Leterrier had to make some tough choices

The ending of "Fast X" obviously has to set up plot points for two other movies. Even though death has always been a facetious concept in the "Fast & Furious" franchise, it needs to start meaning something now that character arcs have to be wrapped up. While no one would want to walk away from this series, Louis Leterrier had to do what was right by the story, and many decisions were out of his hands. 

He went on to tell Collider, "Some were written in the script and then some– Let's say that, you know, because I went deeper than this one movie, I saw further, and I was like, 'Oh, I know what I want.' And there's some actions and hard, harsh decisions I had to make because I knew what was coming in the next movie." Leterrier is already tapped to helm the next "Fast & Furious" installment, so he has a better idea than most of what plot points are going to factor into the next film. 

Some have referred to "Fast X" as the "Avengers: Infinity War" of the series, seeing how it's the first installment of a multi-movie saga. And to get people coming back to theaters in 2025 for the follow-up, the franchise can't play it safe anymore. "Fast X" is now in theaters, so you can see who lives and who dies for yourself.