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Fast X's Shocking Resurrection: How Could [SPOILER] Even Be Back?

Contains major spoilers for "Fast X"

Of all the absurd plot twists that happen throughout Louis Leterrier's bombastic magnum opus "Fast X," none are quite as hard to swallow as the final scene's shocking revelation. No, we're not talking about that previously spoiled mid-credits scene that brings Dwayne Jonson's Luke Hobbs back into the fold (though that sequence is astounding for its own reasons). What truly defies all logic is the revelation that, for some unknown period of time, Gisele Yashar (Gal Gadot) has been hiding in what appears to be the nuclear submarine from "The Fate of the Furious." 

The character first appeared in 2009's "Fast & Furious" and met her tragic demise two films later in "Fast & Furious 6" — or so we thought. Like her former lover Han Lue (Sung Kang), Gisele has returned from the dead, bringing with her a whole slew of unanswered questions. 

Then again, the series had already laid the groundwork for a tenuously reasonable explanation for her return — though it doesn't save the twist from being yet another cheap retcon that undermines any dramatic tension this universe might create. While we're going to have to wait until future installments to (hopefully) learn exactly how Gisele survived and why she's been in hiding, we do already have a theory. 

Gisele Yashar must be working for The Agency

In hindsight, it would almost be more surprising if Gisele hadn't survived her "Fast & Furious 6" demise. Characters from this franchise have survived firey explosions, gunshots to the head, and about a hundred deadly car accidents. So, it feels safe to say that falling from about 12-15 feet onto an airplane runway probably doesn't do a lot of damage in this universe, even moving at the speed of a plane about to take off. Yes, it doesn't make a ton of sense that she would survive the fall and not immediately reconnect with Han, which is likely why they'll explain her faked death the same way they explained his — through the intervention of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) and The Agency.

Aside from the fact that Nobody faked Han's death for his own gain and could conceivably have done so for Gisele, his involvement is really the only way the Antarctica prison-break subplot makes any sense. If Tess' (Brie Larson) goal is to help Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) escape, she would logically need to have a destination in mind for her. Considering this, Gisele's presence at the climax of this storyline almost outright confirms that she's been involved with The Agency since her "death" and is there at the behest of Tess. 

What could Gisele and The Agency be planning?

Though we aren't yet sure what Tess, Gisele, and The Agency are planning, it seems certain that they've had this contingency ready for some time. With Mr. Nobody and his ward, Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood), out of commission, the treacherous Agent Aimes (Alan Ritchson) has been given the proverbial keys to the kingdom. Dante Reyes (Jason Mamoa) may want more than revenge against Dom and his crew, having been using Aimes and The Agency as pawns in his bid for world domination for years at this point.

Perhaps Mr. Nobody noticed a change in the tides and began to fear the exact sort of nefarious takeover audiences witnessed in "Fast X." With a sense of paranoia rivaling that of Nick Fury, Nobody might have closed ranks and kept his circle of trust as small as possible — which would explain why he couldn't have revealed that Gisele was still alive even to Han.

In this scenario, Nobody may have sequestered the nuclear submarine as a last resort base of operations for Tess, Gisele, and possibly even Hobbs (assuming that he is also part of this clandestine world-saving scheme). Hopefully, we'll get the low-down on what Gisele and Hobbs have been up to since they disappeared in the upcoming sequels to "Fast X."