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Does Fast X Have A Mid-Credits Scene?

Contains spoilers for "Fast X"

Well, congratulations on making it through "Fast X."

I'm sure you're a bit disoriented from all the "Fast and Furious" action, so you might want to take a moment to turn your phone's brightness down and silence the onslaught of texts you got in the past three hours — you're still in the theater, after all. And you'll want to stay in your seat for a little while longer, as one of the most surprising scenes in the film is still yet to come.

There is indeed a mid-credits scene after "Fast X," and boy, does it have massive implications for the future of the franchise. To be honest, there's a great chance that, unless you've been living under a rock, you've already been spoiled about what — and who — pops up after Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his team leave with one last, explosive cliffhanger. That said, we're about to get into some serious spoiler territory, so we strongly suggest that you take a break from reading to enjoy the mid-credits scene for yourself in a few moments.

But keep this page open, because a little further down we're going to get into all the juicy details and speculate about what this could mean for future installments of the series and how that shocking return might have came to be.

Who returns in the mid-credits scene for Fast X?

Contains spoilers for the "Fast X" mid-credits scene.

Didn't we tell you it was huge?!

In case your brain is still trying to process what you just saw, allow us to jog your memory. The mid-credits scene shows a giant, masked man decked out in high-tech military gear investigating an abandoned building. Inside, the voice of Dante Reyes (Jason Mamoa) taunts him, making threats of his impending meeting with the devil to pay for his sins against his father, Hernan Reyes ("Fast Five"'s Joaquim de Almeida). Because, while Dom may have pulled off the heist that killed his father, he wasn't the one to pull the trigger — that would be none other than special agent Luke Hobbs.

On cue, the masked man pulls down his face covering and reveals the glorious, goatee'd face of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, returning to the "Fast and Furious" universe for the first time since 2019's "Hobbs and Shaw." If his presence wasn't enough, Johnson is clearly leaning back into the cartoonish, ever-enraged grit Hobbs exuded in his first appearances, as opposed to the expected Dwayne Jonson charm he brought to the role in "The Fate of the Furious" and "Hobbs and Shaw." He even grunts out a perfect "sumbitch" to boot.

The scene is everything "Fast" fans could've hoped for and more, but it is shocking given all the bluster surrounding Diesel and Johnson's professional relationship.

Dwayne Johnson is back as Luke Hobbs

Johnson's return was revealed online almost a week before the film's release, likely giving fans jarring flashbacks to when the post-credits scene for Johnson's "Black Adam" was bizarrely spoiled a week before its release. Still, that doesn't make it any less surprising that Johnson is returning to the franchise, as the actor previously stated clearly on multiple occasions that he had no interest in returning to The Fast Saga outside of future "Hobbs and Shaw" sequels.

It's possible, however, that this decision was made when Johnson planned to devote the next several years of his career to building a universe around the DC Comics character Black Adam — perhaps the decision not to rejoin was professional rather than personal, as many assumed, and the cancellation of future "Black Adam" sequels gave him space to re-commit to this franchise.

In any case, Hobbs' return to the "Fast and Furious" universe can really only be a great thing, as the character opens up more organic storytelling opportunities for the upcoming sequels to utilize. Perhaps they could even finally reveal the true identity of the Eteon director introduced in "Hobbs and Shaw." For now, it's just exciting to see Johnson returning to one of his most iconic and beloved roles, and we're all probably going to have a hard time waiting for his reunion with the rest of Toretto's crew in the upcoming sequels to "Fast X."