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Who Plays Daniels In The Creator?

The sci-fi action thriller "The Creator" features a stellar cast of talent playing an exciting array of characters in a future where artificial intelligence is no longer man's best friend. Some people looking to find out everything they can about the Gareth Edwards-directed project may be wondering who plays the character of Daniels in the film. 

The lineup for the war-torn AI battle royale features an impressive roster with big names like John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, and Allison Janney. Also in the mix is Ian Verdun, who took on the role of Daniels. But "The Creator" isn't the actor's first job as he has lent his abilities to several other thrilling endeavors. Before jumping to the big screen in the epic science fiction feature, Verdun made appearances in several popular series, such as "Grey's Anatomy," "Lucifer," "NCIS," "Hawaii Five-0," and "NCIS: Hawai'i." But the most notable of all his accomplishments on the small screen has to be his time on the show "Siren," where the actor played the role of Xander McClure in all 36 episodes of the Freeform series. While he isn't a stranger to the science fiction genre, the 20th Century Fox AI war movie will probably become one of the most significant credits on Verdun's resume, and the actor hasn't been shy in telling people how he feels about being part of "The Creator."

Ian Verdun can't believe he got to play Daniels in The Creator

Gareth Edwards has proven his ability in the realm of sci-fi with titles "Monster" and "Rogue One," but he may have outdone himself with his AI dystopian war flick. From the looks of the trailer for "The Creator," fans will be in for a thought-provoking, action-packed thrill ride, and looking at the cast, it's probably safe to assume some solid performances. Being a part of such an experience isn't something everyone gets to brag about, and when it comes to Ian Verdun, the actor is appreciative to have the opportunity to play Daniels in the film. "Still pinching myself that this is something I was able to be a part of, with the caliber of artists I was able to play with," the actor wrote on Instagram. "And since we finished filming over a year ago, it's easy to think I was just in some kind of a fever dream. But it's all real. I know Hollywood is bleak right now, and one movie doesn't erase current obstacles. But for now, I'm reminded that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And dreams do, in fact, come true."

There is no denying that Verdun is excited to be a part of such a fascinating ordeal and for everyone to see the final product. And he isn't the only one raving about "The Creator." After watching the preview, reporter Jeff Snieder posted on Twitter, "It's a big sci-fi movie with lots of humanity... reminded me of 'District 9' in that way." Given all the hype, it might be wise for fans not to sleep on "The Creator" and keep an eye out for Verdun as Daniels when the film releases on September 29, 2023.