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Fast X: Jason Momoa's Lavender Impala Was Meant To Troll His Mom

The color of a character's car can mean a lot, particularly in the "Fast and Furious" universe, where cars can really be interpreted as just an outer layer of the costume. If in watching the latest installment, "Fast X," you're struck by the color of Jason Momoa's lavender Impala, you might be interested to know that the color was chosen purely because it irritates his mother.

Momoa revealed the rationale behind the unusual choice in a Screen Rant interview to promote "Fast X," which according to the interviewer was synchronized between Momoa's distinctive nail polish and wardrobe. "They weren't that keen on letting me have a lavender car. I think Neil was like, 'No, we're not doing lavender.' I'm like, 'Dude, we need to do it. I want it lavender.' And they budged. The whole thing behind lavender is that my mother absolutely despises that color and I adore that color."

If you're a fan of his lavender car, you have Jason Momoa's mom's antipathy towards the color to thank

Jason Momoa went on about how his lavender-heavy visual impression in "Fast X" is kind of an inside joke between himself and his mother. "I use it to just kind of get under my mother's skin, and it just makes us laugh," the actor said. "So I call it Yaya Lavender and then just having all my nails done that way. So I'm excited for her to see me in full pinks and purples, and it will just make her cringe. So that gives me a lot of joy."

It might bring to mind Samuel L. Jackson's insistence on a purple lightsaber in the "Star Wars" prequels, although that happened just because Jackson liked purple, not any kind of elaborate inside joke between himself and a family member.

Jason Momoa reportedly steals the show in "Fast X," and fans seem very pleased with his performance, so the all-lavender-everything strategy doesn't appear to have hurt his character's impression on the audience.

"Fast X" is in theaters now.