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Mrs. Davis S1 Finale: Betty Gilpin Unpacks That Wild App Revelation

Contains spoilers for "Mrs. Davis" Season 1, Episode 8 — "THE FINAL INTERCUT: So I'm Your Horse"

The first Season of "Mrs. Davis" comes to a captivating conclusion by finally revealing the origins of the artificial intelligence (AI) entity. As the series balances magic tricks, religion, and technology, it undercuts the mythos of "Mrs. Davis" by delivering the harsh and underwhelming reality of the computer system. Rather than have a monstrous force dedicated to overtaking humanity, the season finale exposes the vulnerable underbelly of Mrs. Davis, which series star Betty Gilpin absolutely loved.

Following the unpredictable finale, Gilpin discussed her immediate reaction with Deadline and even dived into her own use of AI. Like many, Gilpin said she had little experience with the tool and its rapid developments. However, she told Deadline that her time on the show, which actually utilized AI in the writer's room, opened her eyes to see how it can serve as a reflection of humanity.

Gilpin said she was awe-inspired by the creators' depiction that sympathizes with Mrs. Davis after exposing her unbelievable roots, "And I think what Tara and Damon have so expertly and also ridiculously crafted is this idea that, you know, it ain't that deep. It's actually just a robot puppy that's mimicking our darkest needs and wants. We are the ominous evil supercomputer, and this is just a kind of wish fulfillment robot that just wants to make us happy. It's sort of up to us to determine what its thesis statement and purpose is." This notion extinguishes Mrs. Davis' nefarious image and instead reflects the deeper desires of humanity through the technology we use to obtain them, which Gilpin relished in. 

Betty Gilpin thoroughly enjoyed Simone's realization of Mrs. Davis' truth

In the stunning finale, Simone's story is brought full circle through her final act before attempting to destroy the Holy Grail. She embraces her illusionist roots and begins reconciling with her mother, which only becomes possible after completing her legendary quest and learning the truth. Before ending her emotional journey, Simone also uncovers Mrs. Davis' wild roots when she meets her coder/creator Joy (Ashley Romans).

Understandably, Simone was floored after learning Mrs. Davis was originally designed as a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant app. Gilpin excitingly reveled in the jaw-dropping discovery with Deadline, "So I loved it. It knocks Simone on her ass in terms of realizing, I think in her head she thought she was defeating this evil soulless mother thing — like she thought she was fighting her mother in a way. When actually, Mrs. Davis is like a little robot kid that just wants to please its mom. It's this sort of helpless manufactured thing. And I think it makes it a more complicated decision for her of whether or not to turn it off."

That decision becomes even more difficult when Simone begins to empathize with the machine and maybe even see a bit of herself in it. Though she ultimately chooses to turn Mrs. Davis off, the two become inextricably linked, even as Simone beings her new journey in a Mrs. Davis-free world.