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Mrs. Davis: How Simone's Final Act Before Attempting To Destroy The Holy Grail Brings Her Story Full Circle

Contains spoilers for "Mrs. Davis" Season 1, Episode 8 — "THE FINAL INTERCUT: So I'm Your Horse"

Season 1 of "Mrs. Davis" neatly threads together all the beautiful chaos of the series and delivers a satisfying ending that calls back to the very first episode. On the brink of completing her legendary quest, Simone (Betty Gilpin) reveals a hidden trick up her sleeve that brings us back to the explosive opening. Before she sips from the Holy Grail, she tasks Mother Superior (Margo Martindale) with the hefty responsibility of delivering the artifact far across the sea if she unfortunately fails.

The conflicting forces of reality and mysticism face off in the Season 1 finale of "Mrs. Davis" as Simone attempts to destroy the Holy Grail to take down the powerful artificial intelligence entity. Growing up, Simone's parents' careers in the illusionary wonders of magic primed her to see through falsehoods others easily fall into. This makes the suspicious nun consistently wary of Mrs. Davis' ever-growing presence, which drives her unbelievable mission. In a sentimental moment, she reconnects with her dear Mother Superior and embraces her magical roots through a sly move.

Ever since the devastating death of her mastermind illusionist father, Simone has resisted magic, as evidenced by her efforts to expose other magicians. Additionally, her mother wrongfully believes she was her father's accomplice in his magician-approved vat of acid trick, which leaves Simone resenting the craft even more. However, in Episode 8, she accepts her past through a notable token that brings her story full circle.

Simone's magic trick and last wish are reminiscent of the very beginning

In the heartwarming finale, Simone does a magic trick of her own by sneakily sliding the queen of hearts into Mother Superior's pocket during their reuniting hug. This small gesture puts her plan in motion while even honoring her parents' talents and the memory of her dearly departed father. It also carries Mathilde's (Katja Herbers) contact information on it, which Simone reveals while uttering a line that references the series' riveting opening sequence.

As co-creator Damon Lindelof wanted, "Mrs. Davis" is "bonkers" escapism for our post-pandemic world. The series wastes no time in introducing us to that idea with an extravagant fight sequence in which female Templars protect the Holy Grail with swords and sneakers. Ultimately, the astonishing scene turns out to be a commercial that also acts as a Trojan horse for Mathilde's greater scheme, which highlights Lindelof's comforting intentions.

The advertisement ends with Clara (Mathilde Ollivier), Mathilde's daughter, undertaking a glorious task to "take the Grail to our Sisters across the sea." She then miraculously runs on water, with British Knights' Miracle sneakers as the central focus to divert attention from the Grail. In the finale, Simone intentionally reiterates a version of the dramatic phrase to Mother Superior in order to ensure the Grail remains protected by those she can trust, bringing "Mrs. Davis" full circle just before the end.