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How WandaVision's Physicality Prepared Elizabeth Olsen For Love & Death

In her decade of experience in film and television, Elizabeth Olsen has had an impressive body of work. While her turn into household stardom came about from portraying MCU's Wanda Maximoff, this is a departure from indie wonders like "Silent House" and "Martha Marcy May Marlene." Olsen previously lamented to The New York Times that being contractually obligated to Marvel meant missing out on special gems like one of A24's best films, "The Lobster." But it isn't all bad. Disney+'s "WandaVision" is a crowning achievement for Marvel. Depicting the consequences of grief in such a visceral way was unprecedented and gave depth to the comic characters, but it also helped Olsen in an unexpected way. When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Olsen credited the series for being integral to forming Candy Montgomery, her character in true story, "Love & Death."

"It's almost like 'WandaVision' informed a process for me that I had been missing," Olsen reflected. "I had been missing something physical, and it was such a physical job. So it felt like I tuned something up, that I wouldn't have really been able to fully create the character for this show had I not had that workout with 'WandaVision.'" Though the characters have vastly different motivations, there is no question that they're both physical. One may have reality-bending powers while the other commits murder, but the two share common ground.

Candy is on brand for Elizabeth Olsen

The characters of Wanda and Candy share physical action in their characterizations, but have something else in common as well. Love and death are commonplace for these roles, as are the whacky hijinks that ensue in their respective lives. The MCU always has some escapism to the plot points, and that is something that Elizabeth Olsen likes portraying.

"I've got nothing going on right now, because I'm so picky! I don't want to work for work's sake. I really love playing fun characters," Olsen told The Hollywood Reporter. "I think what I'm focusing on right now are just directors whose visions I love, even if they've never done a narrative feature." The operative word here is "fun." Taking on a real person's life story should be a large endeavor, and Olsen took it seriously.

She shared with The Hollywood Reporter she read all she could on the subject, stopping short of speaking to the subject directly. But despite the grim outcome of events, Candy is a fun character. Because "Love & Death" is so bizarre, plots that seem made up are entirely true. Candy embarks on an affair with Allan Gore (Jesse Plemons) because she's bored, and they go on to create a list of strict rules to follow during their dalliance. The MCU and "Love & Death" do not seem similar, but Wanda and Candy most certainly are creatively fulfilling.