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Ms. Marvel Is Officially Being Killed Off In The Comics

Spoilers for "Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel" #1

Ahead of Ms. Marvel's big screen debut in "The Marvels," Marvel Comics has revealed it's killing off the fan-favorite hero this summer.

On Tuesday, Ms. Marvel began trending on Twitter after the comic gossip site BleedingCool published spoilers for "The Amazing Spider-Man" #26. With Marvel promising the issue would be the "most shocking" issue of the series in more than 50 years, readers soon learned why. The images featured the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man surrounding Kamala Khan as she passes away in the web-slinger's arm. The spoiler led "Spider-Man" editor Nick Lowe to send a message on his own Twitter, telling readers to avoid spoilers. 

Initial reaction to the news of the Muslim hero's death was a mix of confusion and anger, with Twitter users calling the storyline "disrespectful" and others expressing shock about her being killed off despite only debuting in 2013. It was also pointed out that her death was the latest example of fridging in the comics. While her role in the comics was somewhat up in the air after the conclusion of her most recent series, Ms. Marvel has become an important character whose star has only risen since she made her live-action debut in her self-titled Disney+ series. 

The leaks turned out to be true, with Marvel Comics confirming they will kill Kamala in the upcoming "Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel." 

Kamala Khan will die in the upcoming one-shot

Entertainment Weekly confirmed the rumor of Ms. Marvel's death with the announcement of "Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel" #1. In an official synopsis for the issue, Marvel Comics shared that after playing a role as an Oscorp intern in "The Amazing Spider-Man," Ms. Marvel will sacrifice herself and die at the end of issue #26 of the ongoing series. The newly revealed one-shot will bring together some of the most important creators who have worked on Kamala Khan, including her co-creator G. Willow Wilson, Saladin Ahmed (who wrote "The Magnificent Ms. Marvel," Kamala's last ongoing series), and Mark Waid, who wrote the popular hero on "Champions." In addition, Humberto Ramos, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Andrea Di Vito will be among the artists working on the emotional comic. The accompanying text for the issue, as shown below, teases the events ahead.

The heart of the Marvel Universe has stopped beating. Now join the other heroes of the Marvel Universe, the creators of Ms. Marvel, and comic fans everywhere in honoring and remembering one of Marvel's brightest stars!

Marvel Comics shared a cover for the issue, which features some of Ms. Marvel's closest friends mourning her loss. Spider-Man sits on his knees, grabbing his head as rain pours down on him. Considering that her death happens in "The Amazing Spider-Man," Peter Parker might feel responsible. With the villain Rabin coming after Mary Jane Watson, it appears likely Kamala will intervene and die while attempting to stop him. Meanwhile, sad and angry looks can be seen from some of Marvel's most important heroes behind him, with The Thing, Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Wolverine all appearing very upset. Check out the full cover from Kaare Andrews. 

Ms. Marvel's death might serve as a soft reboot for the hero

So why would Marvel kill one of its most beloved heroes out of the blue? While the publisher hasn't confirmed the reason, they may be giving the character a soft reboot to align her powers more with her counterpart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In "Ms. Marvel," Kamala Khan's shapeshifting Inhuman powers from the comics were changed in a major way. In the show, she gained the ability to create energy constructs with light manipulation after her great-grandmother's bangle awakened her mutant genes. By killing off Kamala, she can be resurrected via the X-Men's mutant resurrection protocols on Krakoa, which could activate her mutant gene in the comics and transform her into a version closer resembling the live-action hero. With "The Marvels" coming out later this year, Marvel could relaunch a new "Ms. Marvel" series with her new mutant powers — although that's just speculation.

Regardless of what happens with Ms. Marvel, killing her off in the comics is a complete shock. Yes, comic deaths don't last forever (ask Doctor Strange, Captain America, Jean Grey, Jason Todd, and many more heroes and villains), but even still, it comes across as a bizarre move, especially since it's happening in the pages of "The Amazing Spider-Man" where she's had such a minor role. Ms. Marvel's death represents quite an interesting creative choice for Marvel to make with the hero's popularity stronger than ever.

Readers can pick up "Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel" #1 by G. Willow Wilson, Mark Waid, Saladin Ahmed, Humberto Ramos, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Andrea Di Vito by Marvel Comics, which arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on July 12, 2023.