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Marvel Finally Explains Mary Jane's New Kids And Family Apart From Spider-Man

Contains spoilers for "The Amazing Spider-Man" #25

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's storied comic book romance has been flipped upside down following the revelation in the current "Spider-Man" title from Marvel Comics that she has a family with another man, including two children. After teasing what happened with MJ in regard to her new relationship and kids, the truth about the confusing situation is finally revealed as the story about her time trapped in another world is told

Mary Jane has been a key character in the pages of "The Amazing Spider-Man" since debuting in the 1960s. Watson became Spider-Man's main love interest in the early 1970s, supplanting Gwen Stacy, who was famously killed off. MJ and Peter have experienced the highs and lows of being in a superhero relationship, with their eventual marriage famously erased in the events of "One More Day," after Spider-Man made a deal with the devil to save Aunt May's life.

While Parker and Watson eventually found each other again and continued their romance, it wouldn't be without several complications — including the ongoing "The Amazing Spider-Man" series, where Mary Jane and Peter were split up and it was revealed that she somehow had two children with a mysterious man. MJ's secret family has been shrouded in mystery, but Marvel is finally explaining what happened.

Mary Jane and Peter Parker's romance was controversially ended

There's been a considerable appetite for Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's iconic relationship to be taken to the next level in the comics with hopes they would start a family together in their present-day storylines. However, Marvel Comics shocked fans at the beginning of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.'s run on "The Amazing Spider-Man" by splitting up the couple and giving MJ a new family, as she was with a man named Paul and had two children with him. Their status quo had been shifted considerably, but instead of giving Spider-Man and Watson a much-deserved break from their romance being in jeopardy, it was ended.

The start of "The Amazing Spider-Man's" newest arc began with Peter being detached from his normal life, as the hero became an outcast from his usual friends and family. Peter turns to Norman Osborn for help, working alongside his longtime enemy and watching him become a hero known as the Gold Goblin. For more than 20 issues, Marvel continually teased something catastrophic that not only ended Peter's relationship with MJ but led to her having an all-new family. 

With the reintroduction of a villain called The Emissary, who was trying to get revenge against Spider-Man for previously foiling his plans to ascend to godhood, it was revealed that Spider-Man and Mary Jane were sent to an alternate dimension. It's there they met a man named Paul who helped send Peter back to his main timeline. However, in the process, MJ was left behind in a place where time moved differently than it did in the real world.

Mary Jane Watson was stuck in a different reality

In "The Amazing Spider-Man" #25 by Zeb Wells, Kaare Andrews, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Mentz, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, the comic picks up in the past, when Mary Jane Watson saved Peter Parker and sent him to their world after both were stuck in an alternate dimension. Stuck alongside Paul, a former student of Benjamin Rabin (the Emissary) who helped devise the technology to send Peter home, Watson struggles to adjust and hopes Spider-Man will be able to save them.

However, with months passing inside the alternate dimension, Paul develops a new weapon capable of combing symbols to generate incredible amounts of power. Meanwhile, MJ and Paul discover two small children also trapped in the world, both of whom have seen the horrors of the Emissary, who they call "The Scribble Man." Despite the harsh conditions and dangers they face, Watson convinces Paul to let the youngsters join them, leading them to start a family inside the realm.

Years pass as Paul and MJ try to play house, but when the Emissary eventually returns, Watson uses the symbol weapon to try to hold him off. During the battle, a blinding light reveals Peter's return, although when he tries to comfort his former partner, she declines his affection. He then learns about her adopted children with Paul.

Spider-Man's luck continues to get worse

After Mary Jane Watson, Paul, and their adopted children return to Earth-616, Peter Parker learns the truth about where she's been gone for almost four years and that time passed differently where she was. Peter's heart is broken when she reveals her romance with Paul and tells him she won't leave him. When Peter tries to get some air and calm down, he's confronted by the Fantastic Four, whose tech he stole to travel to the other world and save MJ. When Johnny Storm erupts at his usual friend, Peter punches his fellow hero, causing Reed Richards to wrap him up. Spider-Man angrily tells Marvel's First Family after the day he's had, he wants someone to hit him back. But, before the fight goes further, Captain America arrives and advises the superteam to let Peter go.

Steve Rogers offers a sympathetic voice to Peter's complicated situation, sharing he talked with MJ and understands why he did what he had to save her. Captain America tells the Fantastic Four that Peter needs to figure out for himself how to get out of his current bind and trust that he can, no matter how long it takes. As his fellow heroes depart, Parker can only sit on his knees and think about what happened with Watson. After pulling off all the stops, including breaking into the Fantastic Four's lab and traveling to the alternate timeline, he still finds himself alone with MJ seemingly abandoning their potential romance in favor of her new relationship with Paul and their children. Understandably, Peter doesn't seem to know what his next move is.

Is this the end for Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson?

Peter Parker is in a tough spot with "The Amazing Spider-Man" #25 revealing what happened to Mary Jane Watson and how she got her new family. There's no doubt he wants to be with MJ, but with her spending nearly four years apart from him, she isn't keen on returning to her old life after creating something new with Paul and her adopted children. She might still have feelings for him, but MJ is trying to be responsible and give the children a family after they likely watched their own parents perish. Although, why she has to be with Paul to make that happen remains to be seen. Technically she could be with Peter and still raise the kids.

Sadly, Peter will have to adjust to his new life and figure out how to continue his personal and heroic growth without MJ. Marvel Comics has teased Peter as potentially getting involved with one of his other major love interests, Black Cat, so maybe that relationship proves key to moving on after MJ. But, by doing so, it would seem like a backward move storytelling-wise for the hero, as Marvel's apparent refusal to let him be happy for a prolonged period of time and let his relationship with Watson evolve continues to hold his stories back. It would be fun to see Spider-Man and MJ allowed being together with no overarching threat forcing them to be apart. 

"The Amazing Spider-Man" #25 by Zeb Wells, Kaare Andrews, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Mentz, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics is available in comic book stores and online retailers now!