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Hell Fest Trailer Brings A Bloodbath To A Theme Park

A night out at a creepy theme park takes a turn for the hellish in the first teaser for Hell Fest, an upcoming horror movie from CBS Films and Lionsgate. You can see a green-band glimpse at the slasher flick for yourself up above.

Hell Fest follows a trio of college-aged friends and their boyfriends who head out together to a frightening travelling theme park to spend their Halloween night. While they're wandering the park's mazes and macabre attractions, the terrors of the park take a turn for the deadly serious as one masked attendee takes advantage of the gathering to start a killing spree.

The movie is directed by Gregory Plotkin, who made his directorial debut in 2015 with Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. It stars Amy Forsyth, who horror fans might recognize from this year's Incident in a Ghost LandSnowfall's Reign Edwards, and The Killing's Bex Taylor-Klaus. 

Perhaps most interesting for genre fans is that Hell Fest is being produced by Gale Anne Hurd, a producer on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead who also co-wrote The Terminator with James Cameron. The script for Hell Fest was written by Seth M. Sherwood, who also wrote the screenplay for Leatherface.

Even though it's only summer now, horror fans are already starting to get a sense of the long roster of scary movies set to roll out around Halloween time this year. At this point, Hell Fest looks like it might low-key be one of the more enjoyable movies to look forward to. From the teaser, at least, the movie looks like a stylishly-shot slasher in a fun setting with likable enough characters, and you don't need to add a whole lot to that formula to make for a good time. Sure, it might not necessarily turn out to be the next Friday the 13th, but it looks more than solid enough to be along the lines of the next Sleepaway Camp.

Hell Fest will be out in theaters on September 28th. For now, check out the mouthful of a poster for the movie down below.