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Yellowstone: How Many Seasons Are There?

Westerns have largely fallen out of favor with most members of the moviegoing and TV-watching masses. Still, that's not to say that productions of such a nature have disappeared from the entertainment landscape as a result of this dip in popularity. For instance, Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" debuted back in 2018 and has become a small-screen favorite in no time, proving that there are still plenty of people out there interested in stories full of cowboy hats and wide-open plains. Thus, it has racked up quite a few seasons over the years.

For those just getting into "Yellowstone" or with any slight desire to give it a try, it's worth noting that the series has reached five seasons. The first of the bunch spans nine episodes, while two, three, and four run for 10 each. As for Season 5, the powers that be decided to split it into two halves, with the first covering eight episodes and the second containing six. That puts "Yellowstone" at a total of 53 episodes since it has come to light that Season 5 is the final batch of installments fans have to look forward to.

Thankfully, the end of "Yellowstone" with the completion of Season 5 doesn't signal the end of the franchise it has spawned.

The Yellowstone saga will live on for years to come

Due to the popularity of "Yellowstone," Taylor Sheridan has been hard at work crafting television sequels, prequels, and spin-offs. The first to premiere, "1883," reached Paramount+ in December 2021, telling an earlier chapter in the story of the Dutton family set in the titular year. Following that, the first season of the Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren-led "1923" premiered a year later. In addition to a second season of "1923," more "Yellowstone" off-shoot projects are on the way to keep the legacy of the show alive long after it's gone.

First and foremost is the "1883" spin-off "Lawmen: Bass Reeves," which stars David Oyelowo as Reeves and Dennis Quaid as Sherrill Lynn. Moving forward on the timeline, "Yellowstone" fans can look forward to "1944" and "6666" — a series focused on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas — as well as another intriguing title. The end of "Yellowstone" Season 5 and the departure of longtime John Dutton actor Kevin Costner paves the way for a currently-untitled sequel series. Matthew McConaughey will reportedly serve as the lead.

The second half of the fifth and final season of "Yellowstone" will arrive sometime in the second half of 2023.