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The Mandalorian: Who Plays The Armorer?

"The Mandalorian" continues to be the backbone of modern-day "Star Wars." With its third season now over, the Disney+ series has soared to new heights, promising even more spectacular adventures for our titular character and his compatriots. The latest season of the series focused on a number of characters, including the mysterious and deadly Armorer. The character first appeared in the debut season of "The Mandalorian" as an aid to Pedro Pascal's bounty hunter, continuing to do so throughout the season.

The Armorer wasn't around for Season 2 but made a sizable splash in Season 3, which saw the titular character and a motley crew of other heroes taking back Mandalore. Despite promoting Mandalore tradition, The Armorer ultimately allows Din Djarrin to make a major choice at the end of the season, which should have major ramifications for Season 4. While it remains to be seen if the cold but honorable Armorer will return for the "Star Wars" show's fourth season, it's clear that the character is nothing short of a fan favorite.

In a meta way, audiences seem to have latched onto The Armorer because of how she's obsessed with lore and tradition, not unlike "Star Wars" fans. For Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, the creatives behind the series, it was important for The Armorer to function as a superior who can keep track of the past and future of The Mandalorians. "She's kind of the lore keeper of the group," Filoni told Screen Rant. "She's the person that knowledge is passed on through."

Particular praise has been given to The Armorer's haunting voice and demeanor. Who plays the leader of The Mandalorians? Actress Emily Swallow, who audiences have previously seen in a number of other projects.

Emily Swallow has starred in The Mentalist and Supernatural

After a variety of guest appearances in projects like "NCIS" and "The Good Wife," Emily Swallow landed a recurring role on CBS' "The Mentalist" as FBI agent Kim Fischer. She soon found herself appearing as Amara in "Supernatural" just a year later. While speaking with Nerds and Beyond, Swallow expressed how The CW character allowed her to explore a different type of character and universe. "I got to explore such complex, dark corners and the light that can come from even the most seemingly hopeless times," Swallow said. The star continued by saying "Supernatural" was her first foray into geekdom, which introduced her to the ever-expanding world of fan conventions. "The conventions have opened up my world in a way I never would have expected," she said. "I'm constantly inspired by the way [the fans] have each other's backs and walk the walk by forming support groups and supporting charitable causes."

Since her stint on "Supernatural," Swallow has lent her talents to "SEAL Team." In addition to her live-action roles, Sweeney provided the voice for Emily in PlayStation's "The Last of Us Part II." To date, Sweeney's most popular role is The Armorer, a gig that should continue to pay dividends as the "Star Wars" universe expands. As for how Swallow feels about playing the franchise's in-universe expert? Mostly positive. "I think I know a lot," Swallow told Nerdist. "Then I will meet a fan at a convention who asks me something and I just get tongue-tied because I realize there's yet again something else I don't know. The history goes so deep and all the fan theories go so deep."