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Whatever Happened To Dawson & Casey On Chicago Fire?

When it comes to television, there are so many aspects that get viewers excited to watch. In addition to a great setting and storyline, fans often become invested in the characters and the relationships they have, both romantic and platonic. Such relationships between popular characters can inspire entire fandoms, and it can be extremely disappointing to see a TV couple not end up together or, worse, not work out.

One such couple is Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) in "Chicago Fire." Also known as "Dawsey," the firefighter and paramedic start dating and end up getting married in season five. However, their relationship is fraught with drama, trauma, and hardship, and they divorce two seasons later. The decision to break them up surely upset those who loved them together, and it begs the question of why they called it quits and what it means to them as characters.

There is too much tragedy for them

Despite Gabby Dawson and Matt Casey's bond, several storylines work against them and lead to their eventual divorce. After getting engaged, Dawson learns she is pregnant with Casey's child. When she suffers from abdominal pain and is rushed into surgery, they discover the baby will not survive.

It seems the couple will move past this tragedy when they decide to get married and adopt Dawson's foster child, Louie, whom she saved from a fire. However, things don't stay happy for long because his biological father comes back into his life and is able to gain custody of Louie.

Dawson is determined not to let these hardships break her and wants to try again to have a baby. Unfortunately, she has an aneurysm, and carrying a baby to term could kill her. Though she doesn't care about the risks, Casey does. This causes their marriage to end, and Dawson leaves to head hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, while Casey starts a relationship with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer).

It would have been heartwarming to see Dawson and Casey move past all the trauma and emerge stronger than ever, but the writer's decision to break them up makes their relationship realistic. Not every heartbreak can be mended, no matter how much love and care a couple has for one another.