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How Many Episodes Are In Power Book II: Ghost Season 3?

The "Power" franchise is stronger than ever, with the crime drama's sequel series "Power Book II: Ghost" having recently debuted its third season. The stakes have never been higher either. Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), fresh off of the ending of "Power Book II: Ghost" Season 2, makes his ultimateĀ desperateĀ attempt to crawl out of the criminal underworld he's been stuck in for years now. It's well worth the watch for those who have seen the previous installments of the series, but some fans may be wondering just how many episodes there are in the new season and how long it will take them to watch it all the way through.

"Power Book II: Ghost" is set to air the entirety of its third season throughout Spring 2023. It keeps the trend of previous seasons' episode counts alive, clocking in at a solid 10 episodes and bringing the series' overall total to 30 installments. Combining the hour-long runtime of each of these 10 episodes amounts to a total runtime of roughly 10 hours, so it's quite a large chunk of content for fans to watch through.

Season 4's episode count is up in the air

Fans of "Power Book II: Ghost" will likely be happy to hear that Season 3 is not the end for the series. The show is getting a fourth season as well, and while it's already deep into the production process, there's a certain ongoing matter in the TV landscape that could possibly affect its overall length. Production on the series temporarily ceased due to the industry-wide Writers Guild of America strike of 2023.

As a report from Deadline mentions, the show's team was part way through filming the seventh episode of Season 4 when production halted. While the stoppage for production is temporary, it opens up the slight possibility that "Power Book II: Ghost" could have its Season 4 release schedule moved around or its overall episode count revised. It appears that the show is once again aiming for a 10-episode season, though whether that's what ends up happening remains to be seen. For now, fans will have to wait for more information on the release of Season 4.