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Silo: Let's Talk About That Death In Episode 3

Contains spoilers for "Silo" Season 1, Episode 3 — "Machines"

Episode 3 of "Silo" depicts a society in an anxious state, and it's probably going to get worse now that Mayor Ruth Jahns (Geraldine James) is out of the equation. The politician shows up dead toward the end of the episode, not long after she appoints Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) as the new sheriff. That surely isn't coincidental.

Throughout the episode, it's made clear that Jahns is the only person in the Silo who supports the idea of Juliette becoming the new sheriff. Everyone else thinks she's a nuisance, with Bernard (Tim Robbins) even describing her as a "thief from Mechanical." The upper echelons of this society understand that they need Juliette and other mechanical engineers to keep their light generator running; however, they seem to look down on people with inquisitive minds as they pose a potential threat to their authoritarian applecart, and Juliette's history of stealing is frowned upon.

So why would Jahns — someone who seemingly represents the interests of the Founders — want to appoint Juliette as the sheriff of a society that's all about keeping secrets? Could it be that she wanted to see change prior to her untimely death? Let's examine the evidence.

Mayor Jahns is killed for stepping out of line

Holston (David Oyelowo) puts Juliette's name forward for sheriff after he starts doing his own digging into the Silo. Presumably, he picks her for the role to protect her, and the job provides better access to sensitive information that would allow her to investigate the Silo without arousing suspicions from other members of law enforcement. Is that why Jahns wants her for the job too?

In Episode 3, Jahns reveals that she doesn't exactly care for the way things are being run in the underground society, though she doesn't say it out loud. For example, the mayor turns a blind eye to Martha (Harriet Walter) using illegal radios to eavesdrop on police conversations, suggesting that she sympathizes with rebels and truthseekers. In another scene, Sims (Common), a representative of Judicial, tries to coax Jahns to pick his candidate as the new judge. Jahns, meanwhile, believes that he's trying to intimidate her, and her tone makes it clear that she isn't a fan of the current judge or Sims' recommendation.

Prior to her death, Jahns empowers the Silo's most rebellious and curious figures while simultaneously delaying decisions that would benefit the status quo. Unfortunately, she pays the price for stepping out of line, but her death further proves that there's corruption afoot at the top. All in all, "Silo" is shaping up to be yet another binge-worthy sci-fi show.