Who Plays Bridget In Evil Dead Rise?

In true franchise fashion, "Evil Dead Rises "delivered a smorgasbord of disturbing scenes to terrify fans and of the horribly heinous incidents that went down, Bridget, the middle child of Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), endured some appalling effects from the dark entity's presence. After watching her efforts against evil, some viewers might wonder which actress was responsible for bringing the ill-fated persona to life.

The fifth "Evil Dead" film has received rave reviews and recieved a positive reception on Rotten Tomatoes. While many aspects of the film could be credited to its success, one of the highlights is the cast. Of the skilled individuals who showcased a solid turn in "Evil Dead Rise," the actress that played Bridget may be relatively new to the industry, but the few parts she has picked up indicate she is off to a great start. Besides becoming a part of the long-running horror franchise's legacy, Gabrielle Echols also played Twitch in the sci-fi movie "Reminiscence," which starred Hugh Jackman. Echols is also credited with an episode of "The South Jersey Horror Podcast."

While there aren't a ton of titles on her resume, Echols does seem like she has a knack for the nightmare-inducing genre, and some fans that enjoyed the actress's performance may be wondering what her horror-related plans look like as well as how she really feels about the "Evil Dead" movies.

Echols enjoys Evil Dead and is down for more horror

"Evil Dead Rise" is the first major horror movie Gabrielle Echols has lent her talents to, but that doesn't mean she isn't very familiar with scary movies. When discussing her career and the fifth "Evil Dead" chapter, the actress revealed her love of the genre. "If I'm watching a movie, it's more than likely going to be a horror movie," Echols said in an interview with Geek Network. She also wasn't afraid to talk about her past experiences with the franchise saying, "I wasn't intimately familiar with the 'Evil Dead' franchise before auditioning for 'Evil Dead Rise,' but I had seen 'Evil Dead II,' and I really enjoyed it." The 1987 sequel to the film that started it all does have the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes of all the movies in the franchise, and that was apparently enough preparation for her to excel in "Evil Dead Rise."

As far as the actress' attitude regarding future horror projects, there is most certainly a chance that fans will see her return to the genre. Echols added, "I'm definitely open to being in more horror films. I don't know if I want to exclusively be in horror films. I kind of want to branch out and do other things but I really enjoy horror and it was a lot of fun." While her next move may be a mystery, there is no denying Echols had a blast portraying her character's haunting "Evil Dead" experience, and fans can always revisit her frightening horror debut in "Evil Dead Rise."