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Dead City: Maggie And Negan Are Back In The First Full Trailer For The Walking Dead Spin-Off Series

Get your bats ready, "The Walking Dead" fans; the first of the show's three slated posthumous spin-off series is set to take wing. "The Walking Dead: Dead City" will focus on the further exploits of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) as they travel to "Dead City" — i.e., a post-apocalyptic version of Manhattan. A mysterious villain has kidnaped Maggie's son Hershel Rhee (Logan Kim), and they'll need all of their nerve and firepower at the ready if they want to bring the kid home safely.

When we last left both characters, Negan and Maggie had acted as part of the team working to take out evil Commonwealth leader Pamela Milton (Laila Robins). In spite of how well their team-up worked out for the entire group, Maggie and Negan couldn't quite come to a full reconciliation. Maggie later confesses to him in a heart-to-heart that every time she looks at him all she can see is her late husband, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), and his death at the hands of Negan. Still, they come to a truce. Yet Negan refuses to stay and he leaves the rebuilt Commonwealth for different pastures. Ironically, it looks like Maggie will be forced to rely on Negan if she wants to find who kidnapped Hershel and survive the zombie-choked oceans and crumbling ecosystem of "Dead City."

It looks like times definitely haven't changed for Maggie

As "The Walking Dead: Dead City" puts on full display in the first full-length trailer for the series, the world that Maggie and Negan will be forced to contend with will be unlike the somewhat more bucolic surroundings offered to them by their home base in Virginia. The ruins of one of America's most highly populous city are teeming with the dead; they choke the streets, the ocean, and the alleyways. We see both of our heroes do battle with the horde as they try to survive and find Hershel.

As always, not all of the series' horrors will be zombie-made, and nothing makes that more evident than the glimpses we get of the human baddies our duo will face off against. It looks like it's an ugly world out there, and fortunately, the twosome will have some new allies to help protect them. 

We also get glimpses of the series' new characters, among them Perlie Armstrong (Gaius Charles) a father devoted to his family. There's also Trey Santiago-Hudson as Jano. 

"The Walking Dead: Dead City" will debut on June 18.